Ideas for ways to use the controller.

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Ok, well, people here don't seem too high on Wii U, but I can't help to think of the possibilities. Now I know we did this with the Wii and were disappointed, but why don't we take a second and just think "what if?".

My first thought when they showed Batman is using the screen for Detective mode. One of the main complaints about the first game was that there was no reason not to use Detective mode the whole time. If you make it so that you have to hold the controller up and what you see on the screen is relative to where its positioned in relation to the TV, detective mode could be used on the controller screen only.

I also like the idea of using it to mark places on a map for an open world game. Having the map on the controller would make traveling a ton easier.

Any other ideas?

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The one that has me most interested was shown in one of their trailers: Using the Wii U controller to play board games between multiple players. I see this as useful for the classics (checkers, chess, Monopoly, etc) and could easily make Mario Party good again. If you get to move your character across an actual board I see that as being interesting. Of course, it has the draw of being interesting to non-gamers (much like the OG Wii).

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The ideas so far do not sound appealing in the slightest.

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sit on it

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Good call on Detective Mode in Batman. I was already thinking it could be perfect for a game like LA Noire 2. Imagine searching a crime scene with that thing. Also, shooting out tires as the passenger in car chases could work really well. I really fell like LA Noire fell short of it's potential, but I believe the WiiU controller could change all that. Imagine using the tablet as your own journal and recording all of your own notes instead of having the game do it for you. Having to look around in a full 360 perspective to search a crime scene (and they MUST get rid of the audio hints, and also change it to a first person view). Anyone else see how this could be freaking phenomenal?

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