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I recently bought the Wii U. Im an avid Nintendo supporter but this is the first time I'm absolutely frustrated beyond reason with one of their systems. Heres is my consoles problem:

The online connection is extremely faulty. I can connect to MiiVerse and the internet browser just fine but when I try to open Netflix it says its unable to connect. When I open LoveFilm is says an internet connection is required (how does that make sense if I'm clearly able to get on MiiVerse?). When I go to the Wii menu to download the Wii transfer app Im presented with error code 209600. Why am I able to connect to MiiVerse and the internet browser but none of the other apps? Its driving me crazy.

I have tried power cycling my modem/router and even moved my Wii U console to the same room as my modem/router. I even tried disconnecting all my other wireless devices to free up bandwidth. Still, nothing changed.

Heres whats even more frustrating, everything else I own (playstation 3, wii, laptop) all connects completely fine. Its only my Wii U that is acting up.

Is anyone else experiancing the same thing or have advice apart from sending it in to nintendo? Ive read a lot of stories of Wii U's being sent to Nintendo for repairs and coming back with only the same or a different issue.

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