Only 1 Wii U Controller per system

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So I've been hearing rumors around the internet that the system will only support 1 Wii U controller 
while every other player would be limited to using either a Wiimote and Nunchuck or classic controller. Personally I feel this is a big hit to nintendo if this turns out to be true as the appeal of using this in various ways is highly diminished if it's only limited to one person. If they are "going after the hardcore" how would people play two player games? Would one person use the Wii U controller while another uses a Wiimote or Classic controller? Seems doing that would diminish the appeal of this new controller. Even if Nintendo made a new proper controller for the system then all they've really done is make a current Gen console to compete with systems that are already 5 years old. I don't know I'm still waiting for more information to come out but I am not at all pleased by this news at the moment

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There is already a thread on this here.


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