Only one Wii You Controller confirmed more

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Iwata told Diamond Online that the Wii U can technically support multiple screen-controllers but that they wont. It will come with the console and will not be bought separately as it would cost to much.
I agree it would cost a lot and I also agree that "technically" the console could support more then one new controller but it wont run well. I can see data to and from two controllers would be a bit much.
I am now actually thinking this is not a new system at all but a modified Wii, I really do. They have updated the graphics like people wanted and thrown in a new peripheral which no one expected but to get it to work and to likely keep costs down they have pulled out some features.
- Online does not seem to be changing much at all
- No DVD or HD movie playback (Likely to keep costs down with regard to the HD and new controller)
-  HD Graphics and more grunt
- Slight re-design tweak to the console
- Oddly WONT upscale Wii graphics (which you would expect it to do) 
- Yet another new Nintendo Peripheral 
- New Box which does not look that much different
- Nintendo just being very strange in what they are saying about the thing, or not saying.
Just looks like a console update done badly, to add to that it is not out till some time next year... Just all adding up to be really odd choices by Nintendo.
If they came out and did and stated it as an updated console just as MS and Sony have for their machines and said it does HD graphics, up-scaled existing games, had a new box and a bit more grunt to it, along with a bit of a suprise of a new controller to go with and it was out for the end of the year - People would be happy.
I am just finding some of the choices, timing and direction to be just off.
Nintendo seem to have got several wires crossed when they did this, some of the choices indicate  a re-vamp of the wii, others seem to be heading to a new console and others seem to be really out of left field.

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No, Wii You.

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Or really, anything that can make this sound like not yet more rumor mongering regarding vague information that we already know?

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Someone said only ONE controller at a time would work. Also the system is only 50% stronger then the 360/PS3 so there is no AMAZING just in graphics. 

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It's "Wii U".

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People really need to start reading their thread titles before they hit 'Post'. They always seem to be either poorly spelled or grammatically confusing.

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Wii you be more careful?

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Can we get a link to the story?

If this is true, I'm right back to not caring about Nintendo again.

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Odd how nobody else is reporting this.

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@BjornTheUnicorn said:

@thenexus said:

- Online does not seem to be changing much at all

True and that is a good thing but they already said not to much else will change infrastructure wise. This may change based on feedback at any time but does not look like much at all.
@PrivateIronTFU said:

People really need to start reading their thread titles before they hit 'Post'. They always seem to be either poorly spelled or grammatically confusing.

I apologise, was late when I posted, the "You" was a pun and intended. One controller, only you, wii u, wii you...
Sources folks? No one else has reported it?
LOTS of people have
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It's still not confirmed, I think by now some are reporting it as such, but Nintendo themselves aren't even sure of what they're doing just yet.

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