Tales of Graces F - Coming to Nintendo Platform?

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This quote is from the latest issue of Nintendo Power:

Nintendo Power: Tales of Graces was announced for a U.S. release, but no platform was specified.  Is there hope for the release of a Wii version?"

"You will hear more about Tales of Graces F soon."


 -  Makoto Yoshizumi

I suppose it could be a 3DS version, but a 3DS version would require a lot more work because of memory restrictions, imposed by the cart size Nintendo are allowing developers to use. 3DS versions have already lost content because of this.
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This is good news! *giggles like a little girl*

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Is this from the same line of like Tales of Symphonia and etc?

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I have no idea tbh, but I do know Graces is a great Tales game featuring lots of fresh ideas.  The Wii version was impressive, this new version may be even better. The new consoles features may allow them to play around with stuff.    

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@csoup:  Yes, it's the same series as Tales of Symphonia.

There were rumors that they'd port Graces f over to the Wii when they brought it out in English in order to mitigate negative response to its not-really-HD graphics on PS3, or people just wanting a multi-platform release. Still, the idea of Namco Bandai porting stuff over to other consoles specially for localization when they were trying to keep localization costs down seems weird to me. Now if we were saying Bandai Namco is going to port the game to the new Nintendo console or the 3DS (I guess if it worked for Abyss they can probably manage for Graces) for release in Japan, I'd believe that of them. They do enough ports, that's for sure.

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