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I just wanted to share some thoughts about the Wii U browser. It is pretty great! Being able to watch GB videos on my TV while going through the comments or just browing other websites, it's awesome. I just hit the download button and it works seemlessly. Hope other people are having a blast with all the Wii U features.

P.S. Also enjoying Mario 3D World and WWHD

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I use my Wii U for YouTube ten times as much as I use it for games.

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@shaunage said:

I use my Wii U for YouTube ten times as much as I use it for games.

Same, although the browser is frustratingly spotty for me, for whatever reason, when it comes to YouTube videos. It'll go through weeks or months where videos play perfectly fine through the browser, and then for a week or two it'll just randomly decide to give me "YouTube is not supported on this device" errors. Makes no sense. I'd use the YouTube app if it wasn't total garbage.

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Yeah it's awesome and I got my ps4 at launch n I have to admit the wiiu got it beat on the browser.

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I watch my Giant Bomb vids using the browser... I really like it.

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