WiiU Multiple Controller Support?

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According to Develop Online, an anonymous but trusted development executive has told them that within the Wii U's code-base there are signs that the platform is being prepared to run at least two WiiU controllers. The source also noted that Nintendo is approaching the finishing line for solving issues with running multiple WiiU controllers without requiring expensive hardware.


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I really hope its true...

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They have to be able to run at least two. No one wants to play multiplayer locally with one person having the cool new tablet controller and the other guy having a Wii remote. Still not excited about the platform but if they get some cool local multiplayer games with two WiiU controllers I'll pick one up after a couple years.

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its surprising that it was announced that before it was possible to have 2 connected

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Of course it will support at least 2. I know Nintendo can be a out of touch, but I refuse to believe they would release that system with it only able to support one of those controllers at a time.

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@lord_canti said:

its surprising that it was announced that before it was possible to have 2 connected

Well they were kinda forced into a announcement with the flurry of Project Cafe rumours being banded about at the time (and ghastly looking mocks). They also took every opportunity to point out to people on the show floor that WiiU was very much "work in progress".

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I think it's a lose-lose situation for Nintendo here. If they only allow one WiiU controller, people are going to complain that it limits games on the console. If they allow multiple WiiU controllers, there is going to be the whole "You want me to pay how much for a controller?" when they announce the price of the thing (which won't be cheap, with a giant ass screen in the middle). Of course, I'm sure Nintendo will make money from this thing whichever route they take, but there will be some negative public reception of it whether they have one controller or more.


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