New survey available on Club Nintendo (10 coins)

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Just a quick heads-up to those of you who are Club Nintendo members.  There is a new survey available that will net you 10 coins (it's not much, but certainly worth the 5 minutes of effort it takes to fill out the survey). The survey relates to Club Nintendo (its features, rewards, etc). So if you want to give them feedback about the club, the lame rewards on offer, or anything else, now's your chance!

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Ah, I see there is a DS and Wii holiday survey. 
Also, they can't give out those screen savers for free? Most of the stuff on here is crap or costs far too many coins. 
But hey, freebies is freebies. 
Now, just imagine if I one could get coins for EVERY game (first party and third party) on the Wii and DS. 
I mean, why not? They already do this for Virtual Console and WiiWare.

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