Nintendo Joins the 'Cheaper, Less Functional' Party With a New Wii Model for Europe

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#51 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Wow, this is just dumb.

Either Nintendo really wants to confuse consumers or a redesign of Wii U is coming

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#52 Posted by mason20 (349 posts) -

Well this is extremely disappointing seeing as I tend to only play a majority of Gamecubes titles instead of actual Wii titles and the majority of the Wii titles I would prefer the Gamecube controller.

Just another reason to make me care less for the Wii and Nintendo sadly...

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#53 Posted by CandleJakk (778 posts) -
@ThePilgrums: Not at all, I thoroughly enjoyed both of those. Granted, I haven't yet got my hands on Donkey Kong or Kirby yet, but I still play my GameCube titles more. (I will grant you that Galaxy is better than Sunshine, though).
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#54 Posted by Ragdrazi (2258 posts) -
@Dany said:

Wow, this is just dumb.

Either Nintendo really wants to confuse consumers or a redesign of Wii U is coming

It's the first thing you said. 
The part about it being just dumb.
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#55 Posted by jacksukeru (6562 posts) -

The classic controller is still no replacement for a GC one when playing smash bros.

On its own, it's fine though.

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#56 Posted by The_Nubster (3153 posts) -
@ryanwho said:
@The_Nubster said:
@ryanwho said:
Nothing about this is stupid. Its a cheaper version with less parts. The people who still don't have a Wii don't give a fuck about the 5 Gamecube games worth playing. Using your fucking head, clueless "real gamers".
And the people who still don't have a Wii don't care about the Wii, either. By the way, no one claimed to be a "real gamer", and you're not more of one for swearing.
@CandleJakk said:

That sucks, since all the best Wii games are actually GameCube games.

Man I haven't played a Wii game on my Wii in so long. I recently played through Majora's Mask. More engrossing than any Wii game I've ever played.
Nintendo is making appeals to the Wii audience which you clearly aren't a part of. That makes you clueless. If you think the Wii is the failure, you're not part of their very large active audience and you can have an opinion I guess, just not one that matters.
They're making appeals to the non-Wii audience. Why would anyone go out and buy a stripped-down Wii to replace their current, backwards-compatible one? They're not marketing to the Wii audience, they're marketing to a potential audience. 
I never said the Wii was a failure. You're putting words into my mouth. I just said I haven't played a Wii game on my Wii. Two different things.
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#57 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -

@tadros86 said:

My Wii has been untouched for nearly a year.

I'll touch your Wii.

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#58 Posted by prestonhedges (1961 posts) -
I like how people are arguing the Wii is a failed system and the GameCube of all things was better. The GameCube was an abject failure, even Nintendo acknowledges that (not by taking it out of the Wii, but in interviews). Also, the Wii was a huge money-maker for them. I'm surprised they didn't do this sooner.
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#59 Posted by gesi1223 (265 posts) -
@ThePilgrums: I think you forgot about No More Heroes.
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#60 Posted by agentboolen (1989 posts) -

O.k. thats a huge change and needs a huge change in price.  If it goes for anything more then $99 in the US its a complete rip off.

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#61 Posted by zameer (636 posts) -

Seems like his writing style is not for everyone but Alex almost always manages to make the most mundane news hilarious and much more readable. Good stuff!

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#62 Posted by Corvak (1818 posts) -

They should bundle Xenoblade with this thing to save us time importing :V

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#63 Posted by BlueKranz (13 posts) -

this smaller, sleeker, slightly neutered Wii bundle

 This presents a very sad image. Poor, poor Wii. I'm happy to have a version with Gamecube support. I felt like the Gamecube era didn't last as long as it could have, and the controllers were perfect. They're really the only way to play Brawl. :)
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#64 Posted by hagridore (528 posts) -

If they wanted to remove something that never gets used, might I suggest MotionPlus?

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#65 Posted by Tiger_Buttercup (320 posts) -

If you're used to using your Gamecube controller to play your Wii games then you already have a Wii and don't care about this stupid article.

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#66 Posted by motang (84 posts) -

Well, I wonder how much cheaper it will be and will this new SKU co-exists with the current Wii.

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#67 Posted by MeatSim (11140 posts) -

This definitely isn't for us.

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#68 Posted by Winternet (8397 posts) -

So, €4,99 for a Wii?

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#69 Edited by mariokart64fan (422 posts) -

well lets consider the game market gamecube had , there would not be much people affected in any way , that thing only sold 26 million world wide , same for xbox 28 million , so with that said not much of a loss compared to ps3 losing bc with ps2 games, some 100 million ps2 users would have bought a slim ps3 if they had bc still , if not that at least close to that,

but then again this gen lacked somthing , and i couldnt finger that exact thing,

-maybe to many fpses was the problem not many good rpgs like ds has, or psp , seams handhelds sold way more this gen besides the wii ,

the fact is , gamecube did not have that big of market share plus im sure everyone in europe or close , has a wii with bc and or can find a gc or used wii cheap any way, this is just for people , who dont really need the gc stuff

and this is europe only people , not world wide that 26 million comes from world wide results,

the market in europe is much smaller then us so it had to have alot less gc sold ,

i cant blame nintendo for doing this , -after all gc seamed dead any way , there were only a few good exclusives i know on that thing mostly nintendo games , with the exception of dc ports and games like giest and timesplitters , had gc had more 3rd party support this would be a different story ,

hope wii u reatins bc all the way through because wii has hundreds of games i wanna get , that i have not yet gotten ,

most of them being cheap racing games /or sequals to games i own already

but i know noa they wont screw the wii u up , im getting that day one , putting my red 25th anniversery mario wii , and black wii in the box just for show

if the vc isnt on wii u then thats what ill use wii for but ya , ill put one away most likely the red one as it will be worth more

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