Puyo Puyo 7 Sees Wii Vs DS Wi-Fi Mode

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Sega have finally revealed the Wii version of Puyo Puyo 7, after recently releasing the DS version in Japan. 





The basic gameplay and the cast of characters remains the same as the DS game, for the most part, but both versions have their own unique bonuses. The Wii version will include "Wi-Fi Puyo Puyo". This mode will allow players on Wii to competively play against DS users.  
There are two other Wii-only modes, "Issho ni Puyo Puyo" and "Remocon Puyo Puyo". The former allows to players to team up on one screen to handle two sets of simultaneously falling Puyo Puyos. While the other mode has players use two Wiimotes to control a single falling Puyo Puyo group. 
... The DS Version of Puyo Puyo 7 ... 

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