Street Fighter Wii: A New Hope

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Can you see what I did with the title there?, anyway...

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono recently brought hope to fans wanting the forthcoming installment on the Wii.

The game, a fresh 3D take on the franchise, is currently due for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC as you know.

Siliconera recently sat down and discussed the game at Comic-Con 2008. As well as detailing everything from who's behind the project to who'll be making a return to the fighting arena, Ono revealed that there may be a chance for IV Wii.

Right now we know Street Fighter IV will come out on three home platforms, but have you thought about the Wii at all?

YO: The more people that ask about it, the more likely we are to move in that direction. The very existence of Street Fighter IV was based on people asking about it for so long. If we get a lot of requests it will be something we will think about. It might be difficult to reproduce the graphics exactly as they are, but the gameplay should be completely intact. It's something we can think about.

Those pondering if a brand new Street Fighter with ****c sprites or the remixed edition would be possible on Nintendo's box of tricks - it's something the Japanese publisher would think about.

Here's a thought. You know how Capcom is reviving Mega Man 9? Maybe you can use sprites like in the old Street Fighter games and have a special Wii version.

Maybe we can do some kind of collaboration with the HD remix or something. We'll have to think about that one.

Source; Siliconera's interview.

I knew it would be a possibility, Capcom have a obligation to produce a Nintendo SF game, Capcom's all time sales figures say they have to. (their most successful game on any platform was SF2 SNES)

As a massive fan of the series since before the snes game I really hope this game becomes a reality in whatever guise. Personally I would prefer not to have a watered down version of four but instead a new SF game entirely. After having played 4 in the arcade on the weekend at a tournament I think a reduced version of it would look terrible on Wii. If it's not going to have 2D.5 they should forget about it, that's for sure. Alpha 4 or something based on SF3 Double Impact would be awesome, or even a new game entirely would be such a cool  for the Nintendo Wii to have.

I suggest Wii owners make there voices heard when and as soon as a means for them to be heard is opened up by Capcom. Even petitions which I think have little impact normally could now have some if the numbers within them are good.

So what style of game do you want?

On a another note I cannot wait to put this baby to good use :P

Fighting Stick Wii
Fighting Stick Wii

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That looks hell dope, street fighter needs to come to the Wii, if it wasnt for nintendo street fighter wouldnt of been as big as it is.

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Street Fighter has always been my favorite fighting series and I simply loved Street Fighter II for the SNES, I still have the cartridge. I would like to see new sprites for the character though, I think using those old sprites would be OK for a WiiWare release not a full-fledged Wii title.

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I would want something like Third Strike but in higher detail and with more SF2 and Alpha characters.

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I think Street Fighter should come to the Wii. The visuals don't need to be lowered much.

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Not a fan but the wii needs more fighting games

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Black_Rose said:
"Not a fan but the wii needs more fighting games"

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