What was your first Wii game?

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#1 Posted by Mushir (2631 posts) -

Mine was WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Really fun game!

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#2 Posted by SlayingShogun (261 posts) -

SSBB was my first, I think it sucks though compared to Melee and that series is stale now.
Sure wish it was RE4 because that game was great.

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#3 Posted by Mushir (2631 posts) -
SlayingShogun said:
"SSBB was my first, I think it sucks though compared to Melee and that series is stale now.
Sure wish it was RE4 because that game was great.
I never played Melee so I really like Brawl. :D
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#4 Posted by Dark_Link142 (426 posts) -

Sonic and the Secret Rings was my first game.

It's excellent. Really fast paced and a lot of fun.

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#5 Posted by Dalai (7868 posts) -

Isn't Wii Sports everyone's first game?

Anyway, mine was Zelda: Twilight Princess... which I bought before I purchased my Wii.

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#6 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -

Da Wii Sports.

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#7 Posted by Twilit_Igniter42 (70 posts) -

Not counting Wii Sports since it was packaged in...

Weeks before the Wii even launched, I reserved and paid in full for Red Steel first

Before I even had my Wii on launch day, I had already had Red Steel, Excite Truck, and Twilight Princess reserved and paid for.

Wii Sports was the first thing I played when I got back from the midnight launch, followed by Excite Truck.

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#8 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

Not counting Wii Sports, it would be Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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#9 Posted by sdodd02 (763 posts) -

Zelda TP

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#10 Edited by efrucht (716 posts) -

Metroid Prime 3

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#11 Posted by Black_Rose (7772 posts) -

I got Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Mortal Kombat Armaggedon and The Godfather the day i bought the wii

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#12 Posted by TimeWaffle (974 posts) -

Zelda TP

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#13 Posted by Systech (4190 posts) -

Twilight Princess

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#14 Posted by Kloreep (147 posts) -


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#15 Posted by Arestice (478 posts) -

Zelda Twilight Princess

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#16 Posted by solidphoenix (293 posts) -

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was my first.

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#17 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Wii Sports

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#18 Posted by SSbabel (1216 posts) -

Not including Wii sports, Zelda TP.

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#19 Posted by Mario_Galaxy_Fan (151 posts) -

Zelda Twilight Princess

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#20 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

Wario Ware.

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#21 Posted by Kenzo287 (798 posts) -

Zelda and Red Steel. Guess which one I kept and which one is getting dust at my local GameStop

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#22 Posted by dreamachine (120 posts) -

zelda, but i bought it before i even had a wii [just so i could say id bought it at launch]

ps got my wii about 2 days later so it all worked, weren't like i was waiting 6 months or anything

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#23 Posted by Clean (2432 posts) -

My first was Wii Sports and then Zelda Twighlit Princess. Never finished it and thought it was the worst Zelda game ever. I hated the story hated Midna or whatever. Man that game was awful. I gave my Wii a second chance with Super Mario Galaxy which was really great.

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#24 Posted by RowdyRob (221 posts) -

Aside from the obvious Wii Sports, mine would be "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess"

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#25 Posted by Alynablaze (83 posts) -

wii sports

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#26 Posted by Akel (167 posts) -

lol, you should only say wii sports if it's like your only game or if you live in japan where it's not packaged in.

I think my first game was Zelda TP

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#27 Posted by BiggerBomb (7011 posts) -

Mine was Super Mario Galaxy. *Starts the "overrated chant."*





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#28 Posted by PaperMario (50 posts) -
Zack and Wiki (got my Wii in Feb 2008)
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#29 Posted by thebobster10 (392 posts) -

Excite Truck.

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#30 Posted by Guild_Master (265 posts) -

Wario Ware, fun at first then not so much

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#31 Posted by clarke0 (1082 posts) -

Like many other posters I got Zelda: Twilight Princess first. Personally I think it's a great game, and I liked it even better than Windwaker.

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#32 Posted by Pezjulo (254 posts) -

Asides from Wii Sports...Warioware...is simple instant fun

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#33 Posted by synt4x (191 posts) -

Zelda: TP

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#34 Posted by Mindtwist (52 posts) -

Zelda TP, got it with my Wii.

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#35 Posted by Willy105 (4915 posts) -

Other than Wii Sports, it was SUPER PAPER MARIO!

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#36 Posted by Ossi (1289 posts) -

Twilight princess!

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#37 Posted by Earthbounder (318 posts) -

Super Paper Mario.

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