When the hell did this start happening???

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So I'm searching through the Gamestop website and I noticed that the music games like Rock Band 3, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 are going for $60 on the WII. Now, mind you that this is all without any instruments. I want to know, has this been going on? Because all the Wii games I've seen in the past have always been $50 and below. I know for a fact myself that $60 for a Wii game is not worth it. Especially for a system that doesn't give updates for games or DLC. Unless it's on a disc like some Rock Band track packs.

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#2 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -

Super Mario Galaxy used costs like $55 here. I don't see the big whoop here.

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#3 Posted by melcene (3214 posts) -

Maybe I haven't paid enough attention, but when I buy a new game, I expect to spend $60 (pretax), no matter what system.

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I'm expecting 60 for consoles and 40 for some computers.  Think you need to lay off the pallella.

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Lolwut, the games are worth less because there's no DLC to spend even more money on?

I actually agree with you, but that's a terrible reason. Realistically, PS3 games are the only format that's radically different from last gen because of Blu-ray, there really aren't any games that are worth sixty bucks in the first place. Welcome to America.

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When the manfacturers decided to raise the price of the MSRP for the wii version?
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I'm shocked too, man. I've never seen a Wii game cost more than $50. That's just not right. I hope you're not planning on buying any of those games for the Wii, unless it's the only console you have.

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#8 Posted by huntad (2363 posts) -

I don't think it's correct to assume that a Wii game is not worth $60. I do remember them being $50 though and don't remember them changing it.

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I think the first $60 game on Wii was Beatles Rock Band. That's when I knew people will pay any price for a video game without asking questions.
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@mfpantst said:
" I'm expecting 60 for consoles and 40 for some computers.  Think you need to lay off the pallella. "
Except for PC games, usually game prices don't increase until a new console comes out.

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