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#1 Posted by MegaMetaTurtle (419 posts) -

So, I recently found out about the program and wondered if anyone could help me reach the 20 people I need. I've already managed to get 4 :D

Since most people on here don't use their Wiis, you can put them to 'good' use. Good as in good for me :)

All you have to do is go to the shop channel, click on the ambassador program button and enter my wiis number;

2342 0540 0158 2589

Then return here and post your number for me.

I know I've done nothing to deserve it, but if you don't ask then nothing happens, so I thought I'd give it a go. Anyways, thanks for reading :)

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#2 Edited by iDarktread (1263 posts) -

@MegaMetaTurtle: You should specify in your post that if someone, like myself, connected their Wii to the internet for the very first time any more than a month ago, they no longer have access to the "Ambassador" button.

EDIT:I just Googled this... and what the hell? All virtual console games, free? 10,000 points? That's unfair.

ED2T: Oh, it's a European only promotion?

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#3 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

Turning on my wii sounds like too much work right now, no thanks.

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#4 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

Dude what is this, I want those points!

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#5 Posted by mariokart64fan (422 posts) -

fake the ambassador is for 3ds not wii

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#6 Posted by Matthew322 (3 posts) -

Ya abbassador program is for the 3ds only

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#7 Posted by AlisterCat (7886 posts) -

@mariokart64fan said:

fake the ambassador is for 3ds not wii

@Matthew322 said:

Ya abbassador program is for the 3ds only

No, this is a promotion to get Wii users to connect their console to the internet.

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#8 Posted by RE_Player1 (8026 posts) -

I can't be bothered to turn on my Wii. Plus I don't even know where it is...

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#9 Edited by mariokart64fan (422 posts) -

excuse me but i turned my wii online the other day did not see jack about a promotion you must be in la la land , cause i even go to nintendo.com they would have it there but they dont so i belive your pulling peoples legs , once agan the ambassador program is the program nintendo had up for launch /250 $ 3ds purchasers , that gave us 10 free nes and is giving us free gba games, -around nov ,

so stop pulling peoples legs your just tryin to get people to turn on their wiis to go into that shop channel for no appearent reason

if any of this were true these facts would also be true

1-it would be all over the news on this site gamespot ign nintendo

2 it would say so in the wii shop channel

3 - how come i dont see any forum posts in gamespot.com about this , and usually if somthing big like this , the forums there would be flooded with posts-1 reason why i left that site ,

4 http://techforums.nintendo.com/thread/5095 only available in the united kingdom just what i thought ,

everyone in any other country , better look at nintendo .com to verify its for you , because right now , its only the uk ,

and not much details have been given except the fact on yahoo some one said you register some one friend code to invite them to shop you each get 500 points ,

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#10 Edited by Ursus_Veritas (412 posts) -

@mariokart64fan: It's on the Nintendo Europe Site. So no, if you're outside of the UK, you wouldn't see it on your Wii's Shop Channel. And it's probably whay places like IGN and Gamespot haven't reported on it.

And do you have to act so hostile about being proven wrong about something? No need to act like a douche. (Edit: Aha, you've edited out the douchiness. I retract my previous statement!)

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#11 Posted by StickyW3b (133 posts) -

My wii has been online for nearly 5 years now, sorry bud.

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#12 Posted by mariokart64fan (422 posts) -

ok then i guess im right the topic creater should have put emphasis , that it was for europe, how are we supposed to know it was for just europe , with out him mentioning it in his post he made it seam like it was for everyone , so everyone was like no no no its for 3ds , and ya next time maybe the poster will clearify the spacifics , the topic title just saying wii ambassador program aint gonna help , and even when reading the post , it soundled like a universal ambassador program , but in reality appearently it is not , could care less as i downloaded almost every single vc game i wanted so far ,

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You can find more people for this promotion here: http://wii.cooltre.com/?r=zi1g

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