Wii: Horizontal or Vertical

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#1 Posted by Mushir (2630 posts) -

I was SSBB today and noticed a weird noise coming out of my Wii. It sounded like the Wii was having problems running the game. So I started to wonder if its a better idea to have the Wii horizontally instead of vertically?

How is your Wii positioned? Horizontally or vertically?
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#2 Posted by brukaoru (5135 posts) -

All consoles I've ever owned, I've always positioned them horizontally.

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#3 Posted by Coltonio7 (3214 posts) -

Well my Wii's vertical because it looks cooler. I don't think it'd affect performance though.

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#4 Posted by Otacon (2337 posts) -

my Wii is usually vertical unless I am planning on playing for player smash bros. I've got a nasty scratch on my PS3 because of it toppling. The PS3 is also vertical.

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#5 Posted by Thordain (980 posts) -

Mine is horizontal because I don't have the space to fit it vertically.

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#6 Posted by Marzy (689 posts) -

I used to have mine stood up vertically, but now I have it horizontal.

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#7 Posted by Black_Rose (7772 posts) -


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#8 Posted by DarthMaul (833 posts) -
brukaoru said:
"All consoles I've ever owned, I've always positioned them horizontally."
Yeah that^
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#9 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

When I had my Wii it was vertical for space purposes, my friends also put them vertically.

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#10 Posted by Video_Tycoon (362 posts) -
suneku said:
"When I had my Wii it was vertical for space purposes, my friends also put them vertically."
Same, theres not a lot of room with that big-ass 360 in the way. >_>
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#11 Posted by Fantastical (113 posts) -

Vertical of course.

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#12 Posted by Nikita (59 posts) -

Vertical for space reasons. My PS2 is also vertical, also because of space. I don't use the stand thing for the Wii either.

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#13 Posted by gamer_152 (14776 posts) -

Vertical... Space reasons.

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#14 Posted by wmz (16 posts) -

Vertical.. so you can read the Wii logo =p

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