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Hello, I want to play some of my favorite gamecube games (I already own) in 480p.  As I understand it, my options are either buying a GC component cable or buying a Wii. 
On ebay these days component cables are 80-100 whereas a used wii is 100.  Here's the question: 
If I go with a Wii with component cables, will I be able to play Twilight Princess/Wind Waker in 480p?  Wil rumble and everything work?  Will I see slowdown of any kind?  And is 480p the max resolution I can get? 
I'm a total Wii noob.  I did some research on wikipedia but am a little lost.  Help me nintendo experts, you're my only hope!

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as far as I know, if you have component cables and set the console to 480p the games will follow.

I haven't really noticed any change in resolution when playing gamecube games on my wii. I do a lot of video game footage capturing and the only difference is that I have to set my framerate differently, which is something you don't really have to think about when you're using it on a regular tv.

When it comes to rumble it will be just as if you were playing on a gamecube. There is no difference between the gamecube ports on the wii and the gamecube.

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The max resolution on the Wii with the component cables is 480p. When using the cables, you'll notice at least less image ghosting, a higher sharpness, and more brilliant color. 
Your GameCube games will only display in 480p if they have a Progressive Scan mode in the game. (Check the back of the box if it features Progressive Scan). Some of these GameCube games will also do 16:9 Widescreen in Progressive Scan, but again, you have to check with the game. 
If your controller and the game support rumble, then you will have rumble.
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Thanks for the helpful replies everyone.  I've been playing Twilight Princess, for the first time, in 480p glory on my new used Wii.  480p makes a pretty significant difference in visual quality.

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