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In Wik & The Fable of Souls, you play as Wik; a frog-boy who is out to save his family by way of collecting gems and grubs.  To complete each level, the player must use Wik's tongue to suck up and then deposit a quota of grubs into the slotham, a walking repository for the grubs placed around the level.  The slotham also acts as a timer (if the quota is not met by the time the slotham reaches the right side of the screen, it's game over) and can be slowed down by honey, which Wik can drop to the ground.  Wik's tongue also acts as a means to get around the levels, as some places are only reachable by attaching Wik's tongue to a part of the environment and swinging there.  While achieving the grub quota for each level will enable you to move on, the "true ending" in Wik can only be unlocked by collecting 3 gems on every level.  These gems will float on-screen at various times and positions and it is up to you to swing over to them before they float back off-screen.

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