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    Wild 9

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Sep 30, 1998

    Wild 9 is a 2.5D platformer that allows players to grab and flail enemies around to solve puzzles.

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    Wild 9 (from the makers of Earthworm Jim) was an action title released for the Sony Playstation.

    You play as Wex Major, the leader of a misfit team of rebels called "Wild 9," and is the only person capable of wielding The Rig. This powerful weapon allows Wex to grab objects and foes at short range, and move them about with ease. Generally, this means slamming enemy robots into the ground or tossing them into a myriad of deathtraps that abound in the levels.

    The game takes place in the Andromeda Galaxy, which is dominated by Karn - a huge entity with a face the size of a large city. Several of the Wild 9 members are 'failed' or escaped experiments from Karn's army.

    Even though it has 3D graphics, Wild 9 is a side-scrolling platformer. It makes use of dynamic camera angles similar to games like Klonoa or Viewtiful Joe


    Early in the morning, the Wild 9 (a small group of nine teenage freedom-fighters) is attacked by the evil Lord Karn's Elite Shock-troopers. A large battle ensues but the Wild 9 are eventually defeated and six of its members are captured and taken across the galaxy to become scientific experiments. The remaining members are: Leader Wex Major (who was knocked unconcious and presumed to be dead by the inital attack), Wex's sidekick: B' Angus, and Pilfer who decide to set out and save their friends one at a time and eventually have their revenge.


    • Wex Major- Leader of the Wild 9 and wielder of the RIG weapon. Wex's parents were kidnapped by Karn he was young and hopes that in defeating Karn he can find out what happened to them.
    • B'Angus (B is silent)- Wex's sidekick and mentor. he is a small bat-like creature who will give Wex helpful hints throughout the game. He hides in the indestructible RIG because his arch-enemy: "The Black Sheep" is on the hunt for him.
    • Boomer McTwist- Boomer is the daughter of the scottish hero: "The Tartan Spartan".  She uses her father's tartan as a slashing weapon which also gives her super strength. It is rumored that she has a crush on Wex.
    • Volstagg- Volstagg is the powerhouse of the group. He was captured by Karn's forces and was infused with DNA from a gorilla and a gazelle giving him immense strength and agility. Now his one goal is to make Karn pay for transforming him into a monster.
    • Crystal- Crystal is humanoid being made of pure living crystalline. She is the teams most intelligent member and tactical specialist. While she seems emotionless, her living hair displays emotions for her. Crystal is extremely precise and cunning in battle but she has one weakness; if she is taken out of the sun for too long she will solidify and be unable to move. It is also know that she has a small crush on Pokkit.
    • MacSheen - MacSheen is known as a living battery who can transform into any tool or weapon that the team needs. He is handsome, cocky and is constantly hitting on Boomer.
    • Henry- Henry is a being made of living water housed in a large eco-suit. He can morph into any shape or form. He acts as the teams chief scientist. He is very intrigued by the look and behavior of the human species. He is also know to have a short attention span and often changes thoughts mid-sentence.
    • Nitro- Nitro is the result of an experiment to create the most destructive weapon in the galaxy. The experiment was a failure and now whenever Nitro comes in contact with air and many food items he sneezes and causes explosions. Thus Nitro must remain in a protective suit to prevent accidental explosions.
    • Pokkit- Pokkit is the shortest member of the team being only 3' 4". he often has to tie a bike flag to himself so his fellow members can spot him. Pokkit wears a jacket with many pockets that he can produce items from. However he can be a bit unreliable as he i know to "pull out a bazooka when the team needs a snack and a cupcake when the team is battling enemies."
    • Pilfer- Pilfer is somehow the captin of the Wild 9's ship: "The Trawler". He is completely insane having thousands of personalities as the result of yet another one of Karn's failed experiments. Pilfer must always be kept in a strait jacket as it is known that "things tend to disappear" while he is not wearing it. He has a pet lizard called Dr. Rasponivich which he grabs and has maniacal conversations with.


    • The RIG - the RIG is a weapon that sends out a beam of energy to grab and easily pick up any object or creature. Wex uses it to smash his enemies against the ground or use them to set off traps and pitfalls set for him. The player can even receive a "Torture Bonus" depending on how  the rig is used to inflict pain.
      The Rig in Action 
      The Rig in Action 
    • The Space Bike- Basically a flying motorcycle use to go from one planet to the next in search of Wex's friends.
    • Missiles- given in packs of three. Fires straight in the direction that Wex is facing. can usually defeat an enemy in one hit.
    • Grenades- Given one at a time. After being throw it will count down for a few seconds and will create a huge explosion!


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