Wild Arms 4

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jan 10, 2006

    An invading army attacks the isolated town of Ciel, and four young heroes team up to find out why.

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    Wild Arms 4 had a fun battle system, but short and linear. 0

    Despite a few Wild Arm-isms, if someone was to tell me this was a Wild Arms game, then I wouldn't believe them. There is a ton of changes in this game from the previous titles, some for the worst, but other for the better. I like the platforming elements to the game, the new Hex battle system is really fun, they added voice overs, these are all huge improvements. On the downside, I hate the new dot-to-dot map (it's still better than the 3rd game), it makes the entire game extremely linear, and t...

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    In the crowded RPG genre, Wild ARMs 4 isn't worth a second look. 0

    Though it's the fourth entry in the Wild West-themed RPG series, you'd never know it from all of the changes that were made to the story and presentation. Though there are a few new twists on the mechanics, Wild Arms 4 keeps a lot of the console turn-based RPG conventions. You control a small, rag-tag group of youngsters that randomly encounters hordes of monstrous enemies. Each party member specializes in a particular area, like fighting, magic, or support skills. You level up as you beat enemi...

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