Do you think this will ever come out?

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#1 Posted by Sombre (508 posts) -

Like many of you, I saw this in Paris 2015 ( FOUR YEARS AGO) and was immediately turned on to it.

Is there any news about it? It looked like such a sick proof of concept at the time!

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#2 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3912 posts) -

I think it's dead and sat on a shelf never to come out.

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Highly doubtful now. Unless they pushed it back to next gen. Thinking that will happen to Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well.

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#5 Posted by cikame (2946 posts) -

I don't know what the original scale of the game was going to be, but i can see it being re-worked as a sort of Journey style experience. I don't mean a linear adventure the way Journey was, just a similar size and scope, mess around with the mechanics, the animals, the world, maybe it's $20, maybe they test some tech for use in next gen.

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I don't have much hope. Looked cool too. :(

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I still think that the game that is now known as BG&E2 didn't start out as that game, but got rebranded to drive customer excitement (& stockprice) up in an effort to fend off the hostile Vivendi takeover. It just makes no sense to me that Michel Ancel starts a studio, announces his debut game, and then leaves that project in limbo after announcing it to the world to work on his old series instead.

Imagine how weird it would be for Ubisoft to have this guy in your stable and not giving him the opportunity to make this sequel in 14 years , but right as starts his own studio and announces his debut title with this studio, you pull him back to make a sequel? That's something that only happens if there's a real threat on the horizon and a friend needs you to help him out real bad.

I guess it worked out though. Vivendi sold all it's Ubisoft stocks, while Tencent & the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan bought in without getting a seat at the board.

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#8 Posted by glots (4414 posts) -
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@glots: Did this appear anywhere?

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#10 Posted by glots (4414 posts) -

@barrock: Nope. Maybe they’re just gettin ready for the next State of Play months in advance...

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