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    Developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCsoft, WildStar is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy MMORPG.

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    WildStar is an MMORPG where players will fill the role of travelers coming to the planet of Nexus, a planet that was home to the most technologically advanced alien race, the Eldan, before they disappeared suddenly and mysteriously. Gameplay will revolve around adventuring, discovering the secrets of the planet, and finding out what happened to the original inhabitants, as well as the ongoing war over the planet between the two player factions - the Exiles and the Dominion.

    Unique to the game is a Path system, where on top of choosing a combat class for your character, you pick a gameplay element that defines how you play MMOs, falling into the tropes of Explorer, Soldier, Scientist and Settler. There is specific content to cater to each of these styles as you play through the world.


    The combat in WildStar is action-orientated seen in MMOs like Guild Wars 2, instead of queueing abilities up and watching them fire away.

    A new system being introduced to the combat in WildStar is the telegraph system. Enemy (and player) attacks will visibly display the areas that they are going to affect, giving players the opportunity to dodge and sprint out of the way of attacks to mitigate incoming damage, and keep players mobile.

    Additionally, there is a momentum system, where fast and efficient kills and objective completions will build up to provide substantial rewards for your character.

    WildStar is also mixing it up with its crowd control mechanics. Instead of being disarmed for 5 seconds like a traditional MMORPG, you instead drop your weapon into the game world, where you then have to physically go and retrieve it in-game to keep fighting. Disorientating abilities switches your movement keys randomly, so you're practically 'disorientated'. If you get blinded, your screen itself gets blinded for a few seconds, while you're still able to hit stuff and cast abilities (granted you might not hit your target!).

    Exile Races

    • Exiled Humans (Standard human species)
    • Granok (Rock golem-esque mercenaries for hire)
    • Aurin (Nature-focused spry folk with rabbit ears and tails)
    • Mordesh (Space zombies after a cure to their alchemic curse)

    Dominion Races

    • Cassian (Humans that have created the galaxy-spanning empire that is the Dominion)
    • Mechari (Robotic mecha-like humanoids created by the Eldan to serve as killing machines)
    • Draken (Savage reptilian humanoids with a culture of warfare)
    • Chua (A sociopathic gearhead Pikachu-looking race)


    • Warrior (uses a mix of melee and tech attacks)
    • Spellslinger (a dual-pistol wielding class that also has a slew of spells)
    • Esper (a combat mentalist that projects psychic attacks and defenses)
    • Stalker (a stealth class that uses a set of Wolverine-esque claws)
    • Medic (wields deadly resonators. Plays like it sounds.)
    • Engineer ("a pet class that doesn't play like a pet class." Features significant ranged tank/damage.)


    Every player can purchase an instanced plot of land early in the game. Starting out overgrown and infested with mobs the plot can eventually be upgraded with multiple styles of house as well as resource gathering points, buff and daily quest giving objects on the surrounding land. Both the interior and exterior of houses can be decorated with housing items dropped by mobs, received as quest rewards or crafted.

    Houses can be opened to friends, guilds or the public. Guests can collect resources for the owner and receive a reward for doing so.

    Business Model

    WildStar runs with the traditional subscription based model, of which the player gets 30 days of game time for free, with the initial game purchase, and from there on there is a recurring fee for additional game time. WildStar is integrating a system similar to games like EVE Online, where players can earn game time by playing the game. The system worked by a currency named C.R.E.D.D. This is an in-game item, which can be consumed to extend a subscription by an additional 30 days. C.R.E.D.D. can be bought with in-game earned gold, or purchased online on the WildStar website.

    With this system, players can earn themselves game time by investing their time into the game.


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