Wingnuts MotoRacer

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    Race your bike through a series of courses using the built-in accelerometer.

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    Wingnuts MotoRacer is an iOS exclusive arcade-style motorcycle racing game that utilizes the iPhone's accelerometer for steering. Racers will tilt left or right to maneuver one of three vehicles across a dozen or so envoronmentally varied stages as they race against the clock nailing checkpoints.

    High Scores are recorded at the end of each race so players can try to beat their best time, but no multiplayer option is available, nor are public leaderboards.


    MotoRacer's core gameplay consists of pressing the gas button located in the lower left corner and racing against a ticking clock as you attempt to blast through checkpoints to extend your time limit. Picking up nitro-boost power ups allows for a significant speed boost (and totally sweet jumps). The acelerometer is used for steering the bike, but its incredible sensitivity makes it notoriously difficult to control. The game does, however, achieve a sense of speed amazingly well by placing the camera very close to the rider at all times, whether they're bombing down deserts or freeways, or duking it out with CPU riders.


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