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    Winter Wyvern

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    A playable Dota character, Winter Wyvern is an Intelligence hero affiliated with the Dire.

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    Auroth is a poet at heart, yet she has a penchant for throwing herself into dangerous situations in her research for verses worthy of the Eldwurm Eddas. She displays all the fickle nature of dragonkind, yet is quite motherly and understanding. She is featured mainly in the 2015 New Bloom comic, as a friendly rival to the Crystal Maiden.


    Arctic Burn: Gives Winter Wyvern increased range and vision, along with unobstructed movement. Her attacks also slow the target and burn them for 8% of their total health per second.

    Splinter Blast: Shards of ice impact upon an enemy leaving him unharmed, while the true attack spreads to his allies, damaging and slowing them

    Cold Embrace: Traps an ally within a cocoon of ice, healing them based upon their max health and granting them immunity to physical damage at the cost of being unable to act for several seconds.

    Winter's Curse: Winter Wyvern freezes an enemy in place, causing his nearby allies to turn and attack them for the duration of the spell.

    The Winter Wyvern is voiced by Merle Dandridge.


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