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    A cancelled horror adventure for the Wii, developed by n-Space. It was to depict a woman's struggle in a town experiencing a supernatural snowstorm.

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    Winter was a game horror title exclusive to the Wii that was in development at n-Space. The development team on the game was small, with only twelve people working on it at the peak of its development. Attempts to find a publisher were made as early as March of 2007, but with no success. The game was ultimately cancelled due to a lack of interest from publishers that at the time didn't feel that an original IP horror title would be a big success on Nintendo's platform.


    An unnatural snowstorm that has settled over a small town in the Midwest, effectively closing it off from the outside world. The main character, Mia, begins the game inside a wrecked ambulance with no recollection of how she got there. As she treks off towards the small town, she starts to see signs of something monstrous that is traveling with the storm. The town is being transformed by the snow as monsters appear and attack Mia. It is eventually revealed that Mia has some sort of connection to the storm.


    At the start of Winter, the primary concern is to keep Mia warm and shelter her from the snow. Ways to keep her warm include using the Wii Remote to spark fire, light oily rags, or find the keys to abandoned vehicle so that she can start the engine and run the heater. Each tool takes advantage of the Wii Remote/Nunchuk in some way; for example, when the flashlight flickers, players have to tap the Wii Remote until it starts working again.


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