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    WipEout 3

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 30, 1999

    The third release of Psygnosis's seminal anti-grav racing series, and also the last game from the series to appear on the original PlayStation.

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    The main gameplay addition to this version of Wipeout (Wip3out - the sequel to Wip2out, otherwise known as Wipeout XL / 2097) was "hyper boost", which by pressing the R1 button caused your craft of choice to propel itself into the nearest wall, or with a bit of practice and swearing, victory. Hyper boost also rapidly drained your crafts shields, which meant further frustration for the unskilled air-jockey, but for an expert player, this ability added another layer of competitive complexity to the already rather aggressive late-game difficulty level.


    • Feiser: Ever the sluggish tank, great shields, low top speed and pretty average turning.
    • Auricom: The all-rounder, is just slightly above average with all its attributes.
    • Goteki 45: Slower turning and acceleration than Auricom, but makes up for it with a higher top speed, better shields and a cooler name.
    • Piranha Advancements: Not quite as awesome as it was in Wipeout 2097/XL, but still sporting it's main attributes of strong acceleration and top speed, coupled with above average turning and under-cooked shields.
    • Qirex: Often referred to as the "Big Bouncer" (not really), Qirex has strong shields, sluggish acceleration and a high top speed. Not great at corners though.
    • AG Systems: The second-best turning ability you'll see this side of an election, balanced out with a crappy top speed, shoddy shields and real fast acceleration.
    • Assegai: Mad-fast turning that takes even AG Systems to the proverbial cleaner. The only problem: Shields that don't stop much, a very low top speed and ridiculous (in a good way - until you smash into a chicane) acceleration.
    • Icarus: Top speed: Incredible. Acceleration: Pretty damn fast. Turns: Like an elderly woman with a zimmer-frame. Shields: Where? Oh, that little patch over... (after several minutes of inspection, it was a damp cloth in the shape of a shield).


    • Sasha - Feisar
    • Underworld - Kittens
    • Sasha - Icaras
    • Orbital - Know Where To Run
    • Sasha - Auricom
    • MKL - Surrender
    • Propellerheads - Lethal Cut
    • Sasha - Goteki 45
    • The Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence
    • Sasha - Pirhana
    • MKL - Control
    • Paul Van Dyk - Avenue
    • Sasha - Xpander

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