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    WipEout XL

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Sep 30, 1996

    Originally released as Wipeout 2097 in Europe, this is the sequel to the game that defined Playstation as cool. This game upped the ante with a refined and more forgiving play mechanic, more visual effects, and an increased selection of licensed music.

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    The second Game in the Wipeout series included more tracks, crafts , and weapons. The game was made more accessible with an easier and slower novice class for beginners. A core gameplay change was made to the way the collisions with the walls of the track are handled. This also served to make the game more forgiving.

    The designers republic returned to provide much of the in game art work and logos. Continuing the distinctive style of the first game.


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    The player pilots a futuristic anti-gravity ship around a closed course in a combat race against 11 other ships. In addition to the standard race component there is also a checkpoint timer like in a coin-op arcade game. There are 4 racing classes that rank up in difficulty with each class featuring two tracks. There are five ships, each with it's own trade off in stats. There are 11 weapons and power ups that are picked up by flying over a weapon grid on the track. The player's ship is protected by an energy shield. If the player's shield takes enough damage to be depleted from weapon damage or from hitting the walls the ship is destroyed. The shield can be recharged from power ups or by flying through the pit lane near the start/finish line of the track.

    Racing Classes & Tracks

    race selection screen
    race selection screen

    Vector Class

    • Talon's Reach - 3.2 km
    • Sagarmatha - 4.3 km

    Venom Class

    • Valparaiso - 3.9 km
    • Phenitia Park - 3.8 km

    Rapier Class

    • Gare d'Europa - 3.5 km
    • Odessa Keys - 4.4 km

    Phantom Class

    • Vostok Island - 5.1 km
    • Spilskinanke - 4.0 km

    Ship Types

    Name & LogoStats
    Federal European Industrial Science and Research - European
    Thrust: 5
    Top Speed: 2
    Turning Ability: 6
    Aero Dynamics: 6
    Shield Energy: 5
    Anti-Gravity Systems - Japanese
    AG Systems
    AG Systems
    Thrust: 6
    Top Speed: 2
    Turning Ability: 6
    Aero Dynamics: 6
    Shield Energy: 5
    Auricom Research Industries - American
    Auricom Research
    Auricom Research
    Thrust: 4
    Top Speed: 2
    Turning Ability: 6
    Aero Dynamics: 6
    Shield Energy: 5
    Qirex Research and Devleopment - Russian
    Thrust: 3
    Top Speed: 2
    Turning Ability: 6
    Aero Dynamics: 6
    Shield Energy: 5
    Piranha Advancements - Chinese
    Pirana Advancements
    Pirana Advancements
    Thrust: 10
    Top Speed: 10
    Turning Ability: 10
    Aero Dynamics: 10
    Shield Energy: 10

    Note: The Piranha ship can use no weapons or power ups.

    Weapons and Power ups

    Weapons and power ups can be used by pressing the circle button and discarded by pressing the square button.

    • Mines - Standard mines that drop out of the back of the ship. Mines can be destroyed by the Thunder Bomb.
    • E-Pak - Shield energy boost.
    • AutoPilot - Enables an autopilot mode where the ship flies itself for a few seconds. You can disengage it at any time by pressing square.
    • Turbo Boost - Short increase to ship speed.
    • Rockets - Fires a burst of 3 rockets out of the front of the ship. If a rocket hits it will drain the shield energy of the ship. They will only fire in a straight line but will stay level with the track.
    • Missiles - These fire one at a time and have heat seeking ability. They can be used to lock onto a ship in front of or behind the player ship. To fire forward press up and circle. To fire backwards fire down and circle.
    • Electro Bolt - Fires a wave of energy in front of the craft causing other ships to lose control temporarily and lose shield energy.
    • Thunder Bomb - Causes a large amount of shield energy damage on all visible enemy ships.
    • Shield - Boost shield energy for a short period of time. While activated the ship is unable to use any other weapon or power up but can collect them.
    • Plasma Bolt - A beam weapon that destroys enemy ships on contact. There is no heat seeking to this weapon and it is slow to charge before firing.
    • Quake Disruptor - Causes a rolling earthquake along the track in front of you causing heave shield energy damage.


    • Future sound of London: "We Have Explosive" (PlayStation exclusive)
    • Future Sound of London: "We Have Explosive: Herd Killing" (Intro) (PlayStation exclusive)
    • Future Sound of London: "Landmass" (PlayStation exclusive)
    • Fluke: "Atom Bomb (Straight Six Instrumental)" (PlayStation exclusive)
    • Fluke: "V6" (PlayStation exclusive)
    • Chemical Brothers: "Dust Up Beats"(PlayStation exclusive)
    • Chemical Brothers: "Loops Of Fury" (PlayStation exclusive)
    • Photek: "The Third Sequence" (PlayStation exclusive)
    • Underworld: "Tin There (edit)" (PlayStation exclusive)
    • Prodigy: "Firestarter (Instrumental)" (PlayStation exclusive)
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Canada"
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Body In Motion"
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Kinkong" (Saturn/Windows exclusive)
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Plasticity" (Saturn/Windows exclusive)
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Messij Xtnd" (Saturn/Windows exclusive)
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Tenation" (Saturn/Windows exclusive)
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Surgeon" (Saturn/Windows exclusive)
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Hakapik Murder" (Saturn/Windows exclusive)
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Messij Received" (Saturn/Windows exclusive)
    • CoLD SToRAGE: "Body Plus" (Saturn exclusive)

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