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A Wisp summoned by a mage
A Wisp summoned by a mage
It is often forgotten that not all demons are such awe-inspiring beings.  Some that break through the cracks in the Veil into our world are known as wisps, a sliver of a thought that once was.  A wisp is a demon that has lost its power; either it has existed in our world for too long without finding a true host or it has been destroyed.  What remains of its mind clings tightly to the one concept that created it—a hatred of all living things.

While its ability to target a living creature is limited these wisps often mindlessly attack when encountered in the Fade.  In the living world, they often have been known to maliciously lure the living into dangerous areas, being mistaken for lanterns or other civilized light sources.  This does, however, seem to be the very limit of their cunning.

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