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Skills in Diablo III


Acid Cloud: Acid rains down dealing an initial poison damage followed by more poison damage per second to whom remain in the area.

  • Acid Rain (level 26) : Increases the initial area of effect.
  • Lob Blob Bomb (level 30) : The acid forms into a slime that moves around and deals damage to nearby enemies for a few seconds.
  • Slow Burn (level 39) : Increases the duration of the acid pools left behind.
  • Kiss of Death (level 46) : Spit a cloud of acid for poison damage, followed by further poison damage to enemies who remain in the area.
  • Corpse Bomb (level 55) : Raise a corpse from the ground that explodes for poison damage to enemies in the area.

Big Bad Voodoo: Summons a fetish that increases the movement, attack and casting speed of all nearby allies.

  • Jungle Drums (level 31) : Increases the duration of the ritual.
  • Rain Dance (level 37) : The ritual restores mana while standing in the ritual area.
  • Slam Dance (level 44) : The Fetish increases the damage of all nearby allies.
  • Ghost Trance (level 50) : The ritual heals all nearby allies.
  • Boogie Man (level 58) : Enemies who die in the ritual area have a chance to resurrect as a Zombie Dog.

Corpse Spiders: Summon spiders to attack nearby enemies.

  • Leaping Spiders (level 9) : Summon jumping spiders that leap towards their targets.
  • Spider Queen (level 18) : Summon a spider queen that births spiderlings.
  • Widowmakers (level 33) : Summon widowmaker spiders that return mana to the player per hit.
  • Medusa Spiders (level 45) : Summon paralyzing spiders that have a chance to slow enemies' movement.
  • Blazing Spiders (level 55) : Summon fire spiders that deal fire damage.

Fetish Army: Summon an army of fetish creatures to fight by the player' side

  • Fetish Ambush (level 34) : Each Fetish deals damage to nearby enemy as it is summoned.
  • Devoted Following (level 40) : Decreases the cooldown of Fetish Army.
  • Legion of Daggers (level 46) : Increases number of dagger-wielding Fetishes summoned.
  • Tiki Torchers (level 52) : Summon additional Fetish casters who breathe fire.
  • Head Hunters (level 60) : Summon additional Hunter Fetishes that shoot poisonous blowdarts .

Fire Bats: Bats fly down from just above the Witch Doctor's head and pass by his hands, at that point they are set ablaze only to smash into anything that gets in their way. This spell has a cone area effect and will continue until the player releases the casting button or until he runs out of mana.

  • Dire Bats (level 11) : Summon fewer but larger bats that travels further for fire damage.
  • Vampire Bats (level 19) : Gain a percentage of the damage done by the bats as Life.
  • Plague Bats (level 29) : Diseased bats fly towards the enemy and infect them for poison damage.
  • Hungry Bats (level 45) : Rapidly summon bats that seek out nearby enemies.
  • Cloud of Bats (level 56) : Call forth a swirl of bats that damage nearby enemies.

Firebomb: The Witch Doctor has the ability to hurl an explosive ball of fire at his enemies that deals massive damage to the target unit and nearby enemies.

  • Flash Fire (level 28) : Rather than exploding for area damage, each Firebomb can bounce between additional targets for reduced damaged.
  • Roll the Bones (level 31) : Allows the skull to bounce more.
  • Fire Pit (level 38) : The explosion creates a pool of fire.
  • Pyrogeist (level 47) : Create a column of flame that spews fire at the closest enemy.
  • Ghost Bomb (level 60) : In addition to the base explosion, the skull also creates a larger blast.

Gargantuan: Summon a large zombie follower to fight.

  • Humongoid (level 22) : The Gargantuan gains the Cleave ability.
  • Restless Giant (level 29) : When the Gargantuan encounter an elite enemy or is near a group of enemies, it enrages, gaining bonus stats.
  • Wrathful Protector (level 39) : Summon a more powerful but temporary Gargantuan that burns with fire.
  • Big Stinker (level 48) : The Gargantuan is surrounded by a poison cloud that deals poison damage to nearby enemies.
  • Bruiser (level 56) : The Gargantuan gains the ability to periodically slam enemies, dealing physical damage and stunning them.

Grasp of the Dead: Hands reach out of the ground, slowing enemies and dealing damage per second

  • Unbreakable Grasp (level 7) : Increases the slow amount.
  • Groping Eels (level 15) : Increases the damage done.
  • Death Is Life (level 25) : Enemies who die while in the area of Grasp of the Dead have a chance to produce a health globe.
  • Desperate Grasp (level 28) : Reduces the cooldown.
  • Rain of Corpses (level 53) : Corpses fall from the sky, dealing additional damage.

Haunt: Haunt an enemy with a spirit dealing arcane damage over time. If the target dies, the spirit will automatically haunt another nearby target.

  • Consuming Spirit (level 18) : The spirit returns Life per second.
  • Resentful Spirit (level 23) : Summon a vengeful spirit that deals damage over a shorter period.
  • Lingering Spirit (level 35) : If there are no targets left, the spirit will linger and look for new enemies.
  • Grasping Spirit (level 48) : The spirit also slows the movement of haunted targets.
  • Draining Spirit (level 57) : The spirit returns Mana per second.

Hex: Summon a fetish shaman that will hex enemies into chickens. Hexed enemies are unable to perform offensive actions and will take additional damage.

  • Hedge Magic (level 26) : The Fetish Shaman will periodically heal allies.
  • Jinx (level 31) : Hexed targets will now take even more damage.
  • Angry Chicken (level 36) : Transform the player into an angry chicken that can explode.
  • Painful Transformation (level 43) : Hex causes the target to Bleed for Physical damage.
  • Unstable Form (level 58) : Hexted targets explode when killed, dealing Poison damage.

Horrify: The Witch Doctor conjures up a horrifying image that sends his enemies fleeing in panic, which gives the Witch Doctor enough time to attack his enemies as they flee.

  • Phobia (level 14) : Increases the duration horrified enemies run in Fear.
  • Stalker (level 21) : Increases movement speed after casting Horrify.
  • Face of Death (level 34) : Increases the radius of Horrify.
  • Frightening Aspect (level 44) : Gain additional Armor after casting Horrify.
  • Ruthless Terror (level 56) : Gain Mana for every horrified enemy.

Locust Swarm: Summons a swarm of locust that deals damage on multiple targets; the swarm of locusts can jump from one enemy to another depending on the density of enemies in a given area.

  • Pestilence (level 27) : Locust Swarm will now jump to two additional targets instead of one.
  • Devouring Swarm (level 33) : Gain Mana for every enemy affected by the swarm.
  • Cloud of Insects (level 37) : Increases the duration of the swarm.
  • Diseased Swarm (level 42) : Enemies killed will leave behind a cloud of locusts that lingers and damages enemies.
  • Searing Locusts (level 59) : Engulf the target with burning locusts that deal Fire damage.

Mass Confusion: The WD alter the minds of every target in a area this causes enemies to attack each other.

  • Unstable Realm (level 26) : Reduces the cooldown of Mass Confusion.
  • Devolution (level 34) : Enemies killed while Confused have a chance of spawning a Zombie Dog.
  • Mass Hysteria (level 43) : Some enemies who aren't Confused are Stunned for a short duration.
  • Paranoia (level 46) : All enemies in the area of Mass Confusion take additional damage.
  • Mass Hallucination (level 54) : Amid the confusion, a giant spirit rampages through enemies and deals Physical damage to them.

Plague of Toads: Toads are summoned forth and hop forwards slightly spreading out the farther they get away. If the toads make contact with a enemy the toads pop and splatter poison on them. If the toads do not hit anything they will pop on their own leaving a pool of poison on the ground that will damage any who tread over it.

  • Explosive Toads (level 17) : Mutate to fire bullfrogs that explodes for Fire damage.
  • Toad of Hugeness (level 24) : Summon a giant toad that swallows enemies whole for Physical damage.
  • Rain of Toads (level 35) : Causes toads to rain from the sky that deals Poison damage to enemies in the area.
  • Addling Toads (level 51) : Mutate to yellow frogs that deal Poison damage and have a chance to Confused affected enemies.
  • Toad Affinity (level 54) : Removes the Mana cost of Plague of Toads.

Poison Dart: Fires a deadly poison dart that deals poison damage and additional poison damage over time.

  • Splinters (level 6) : Shoot 3 Poison Darts instead of 1.
  • Numbing Dart (level 13) : Toxins in the Poison Dart reduce the target's movement speed.
  • Spined Dart (level 25) : Gain Mana every time a Poison Dart hits an enemy.
  • Flaming Dart (level 43) : Ignite the dart so that it deals Fire damage.
  • Snake to the Face (level 52) : Transforms the Poison Dart into a snake that has a chance to Stun the enemy.

Sacrifice: With a snap of his fingers the Witch Doctor can force his pets to explode dealing massive damage to all around its former location.

  • Black Blood (level 18) : Ichor erupts from the corpses of the Zombie Dogs and Slows enemies.
  • Next of Kin (level 24) : Each Zombie Dog sacrificed has a chance to resurrect as a new Zombie Dog.
  • Pride (level 36) : Regain Mana for each Zombie Dog sacrificed.
  • For the Master (level 41) : Gain Life for each Zombie Dog sacrificed.
  • Provoke the Pack (level 51) : Each sacrificed Zombie Dog increases the player's damage.

Soul Harvest: Allows the Witch Doctor to capture the souls of his enemies to empower his spells.

  • Swallow Your Soul (level 15) : Gain Mana for every enemy harvested.
  • Siphon (level 21) : Gain Life for every enemy harvested.
  • Languish (level 32) : Reduces the movement speed of harvested enemies.
  • Soul to Waste (level 39) : Increases the duration of Soul Harvest's effect.
  • Vengeful Spirit (level 49) : Harvested enemies also take Physical damage.

Spirit Barrage: A multitude of spirit bolts bombard enemies in the targeted area. Each bolt deals arcane damage.

  • The Spirit Is Willing (level 23) : Gain Mana every time Spirit Barrage hits.
  • Well of Souls (level 32) : Additional spirits seek out other targets.
  • Phantasm (level 37) : Summon a spectre that deals damage to all enemies within an area.
  • Phlebotomize (level 44) : Regain a percentage of damage dealt with Spirit Barrage as Life.
  • Manitou (level 59) : Summon a spectre that hovers over the player, unleashing spirit bolts at nearby enemies.

Spirit Walk: Enter the spirit realm, allowing unhindered movement for a short time.

  • Jaunt (level 23) : Increases the duration of Spirit Walk.
  • Honored Guest (level 29) : Gain a percentage of maximum Mana every second while Spirit Walk is active.
  • Umbral Shock (level 38) : When Spirit Walk ends, the player's body erupts for Fire damage to all enemies within the area.
  • Severance (level 47) : Damage enemies by walking through in spirit form for Physical damage.
  • Healing Journey (level 53) : Gain a percentage of maximum Life every second while Spirit Walk is active.

Summon Zombie Dog: The Witch Doctor calls forth a zombie dog. There can only be 3 dogs out at any one time.

  • Rabid Dogs (level 12) : Zombie Dogs gain an infectious bite that deals Poison damage.
  • Final Gift (level 19) : Zombie Dogs have a chance to leave behind a health globe when they die.
  • Life Link (level 28) : Zombie Dogs absorb some of the damage done.
  • Burning Dogs (level 40) : Zombie Dogs burst into flames, burning nearby enemies for Fire damage.
  • Leeching Beasts (level 54) : Zombie Dogs heals for half of their damage done as Life divided evenly with the Witch Doctor.

Wall of Zombies: Erupting out of the ground zombies form a wall, attacking any enemies that get close.

  • Barricade (level 32) : Increases the width of the Wall of Zombies.
  • Unrelenting Grip (level 35) : Wall of Zombies will Slow the movement of enemies.
  • Creepers (level 41) : Zombies will emerge from the ground and attack nearby enemies for Physical damage.
  • Pile On (level 49) : Summon a tower of zombies that falls over, dealing Physical to any enemies it hits and knocks them back.
  • Dead Rush (level 60) : Zombies crawl out of the ground and run in all directions, dealing Physical damage to nearby enemies.

Zombie Charger: A reckless, suicidal zombie deals poison damage to all enemies in its way.

  • Leperous Zombie (level 21) : The Zombie Charger leaves behind a cloud of noxious vapors.
  • Undeath (level 27) : If the Zombie Charger kills any enemies, it will reanimate and charge nearby enemies.
  • Wave of Zombies (level 33) : Summon additional Zombie Chargers.
  • Explosive Beast (level 42) : Summon an explosive Zombie Dog that streaks toward the target before exploding for Fire damage.
  • Zombie Bears (level 54) : Summon zombie bears that stampede towards the target.

Passive Skills

Circle of Life

Increases chance of a Zombie Dog to be summoned if enemy is killed within the surround area. Boosting the gold pickup radius stat will increase the range.

Jungle Fortitude

Reduces Damage taken including from pets.

Spiritual Attunement

Maximum mana is increased and mana regeneration is increased.

Gruesome Feast

Upon collecting a health globe, maximum mana and intelligence is increased which can be stacked as well.

Bad Medicine

Upon dealing poison damage to the enemy, their attack is reduced.

Blood Ritual

Mana costs is exchanged with life and adds life regeneration.

Zombie Handler

Maximum number of zombie dogs is increased and health to zombie dogs and Gargantuan in increased.

Pierce the Veil

Damage is increased but mana cost is increased.

Fetish Sycophants

Increases chance to summon a Ftish Army if the following spells are casted: Poison Dart, Plague of Toads, Zombie Charger, Corpse Spiders, Firebats, Firebomb, Locust Swarm, Acid Cloud, Wall of Zombies

Spirit Vessel

Cooldown times for Horrify, Spirit Walk and Soul Harvest is reduced and gives ability to be healed when enemy attack is strong (This cannot be stacked and must wait to be used again).

Rush Essence

Extra mana is granted for a some time if the following spells are casted: Haunt, Horrify, Mass Confusion, Soul Harvest, Spirit Barrage and Spirit Walk.

Vision Quest

Mana regeneration is increased for a certain amount of time if the following spells are casted: Corpse Spiders, Firebomb, Plague of Toads or Poison Dart

Fierce Loyalty

All summoned pets get the same thorns and life regeneration stat.

Grave Injustice

When an enemy dies within a radius, life and mana is gained back and the time for active cooldowns are reduced. Range can be boosted with gold pickup radius stat.

Tribal Rite

Cooldowns of abilities (Fetish Army, Big Bad Voodoo, Hex, Gargantuan, Zombie Dogs and Mass Confusion) are reduced.


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