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Arcane Orb: An orb of pure energy on an area explodes on contact dealing arcane damage to all enemies in the blast area. Critical hits silence targets for 4 sec.

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  • Obliteration (level 11) : Increases the damage of the explosion.
  • Arcane Orbit (level 20) : Create orbs that orbit you and explodes when enemies get close.
  • Arcane Nova (level 32) : Increases the blast radius.
  • Tap the Source (level 45) : Reduces the casting cost.
  • Celestial Orb (level 55) : The orb now pierces through targets.

Arcane Torrent: Arcane meteorites pelt the targeted region dealing arcane damage.

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  • Disruption (level 18) : Targets hit become disrupted, causing them to take additional damage from any attacks that deal Arcane damage.
  • Death Blossom (level 25) : The Wizard no longer controls where the projectiles go, but the damage is increased significantly.
  • Arcane Mines (level 34) : Instead of projectiles, lay down Arcane mines that explode for Arcane damage when an enemy approaches and reduce their movement and attack speeds.
  • Power Stone (level 49) : Every missile hit has a small chance of leaving a Power Stone that grants Arcane Power when picked up.
  • Cascade (level 57) : Enemies killed by Arcane Torrent will fire a new missile at a nearby enemy.

Archon: Transforms into a powerful archon for a short time, granting the wizard a new set of abilities. Killing enemies during this form extends the duration.

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  • Arcane Destruction (level 36) : An explosion erupts around you when you transform.
  • Teleport (level 40) : Archon form can now cast Teleport.
  • Pure Power (level 46) : Decreases the cooldown of Archon.
  • Slow Time (level 52) : Archon form can now cast Slow Time.
  • Improved Archon (level 60) : Increases the damage of all Archon abilities.

Blizzard: The Wizard calls down shards of ice to pelt an area dealing damage per second. Critical hits freeze targets.

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  • Grasping Chill (level 35) : After the Blizzard ends, the ground is covered in a mist that Slows enemies' movement speed.
  • Frozen Solid (level 42) : Enemies caught in the Blizzard have a chance to be Frozen.
  • Snowbound (level 47) : Reduces the casting cost of Blizzard.
  • Stark Winter (level 54) : Increases the size of the Blizzard to cover a larger area.
  • Unrelenting Storm (level 60) : Increases the damage and duration of Blizzard.

Diamond Skin: Turns the Wizard's skin to diamond and absorbs damage from incoming attacks.

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  • Crystal Shell (level 14) : Increases the maximum amount of damage absorbed.
  • Prism (level 20) : Reduces Arcane Power cost of all spells while Diamond Skin is active.
  • Mirror Skin (level 32) : Reflects damage absorbed back at the attacker.
  • Enduring Skin (level 44) : Increases the duration of Diamond Skin.
  • Diamond Shards (level 56) : When Diamond Skin wears off, diamond shards explode in all directions dealing Physical damage to nearby enemies.

Disintegrate: Focuses a "beam" of pure energy on enemies that increases in power and lethality over the time that it's cast.

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  • Convergence (level 26) : Increases the width of the beam to hit more enemies.
  • Chaos Nexus (level 30) : While channelling the main beam, additional beams will fire out periodically at nearby enemies for Arcane damage.
  • Volatility (level 39) : Enemies killed by the beam have a chance to explode for Arcane damage to nearby enemies.
  • Entropy (level 48) : The beam fractures into a short-ranged cone.
  • Intensify (level 59) : Damage increases slowly over time as you channel the beam.

Electrocute: Casts a lightning attack that deals a wide range of damage and can strike multiple enemies.

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  • Chain Lightning (level 22) : Increases the maximum number of enemies that can be electrocuted.
  • Forked Lightning (level 29) : Critical hits release charged bolts in random directions.
  • Lightning Blast (level 36) : Create streaks of lightning that pierce through targets.
  • Surge of Power (level 44) : Gain Arcane Power for every enemy hit by Electrocute.
  • Arc Lightning (level 59) : Blast a cone of lightning.

Energy Armor: A protective barrier that absorbs damage, draining arcane power in its place.

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  • Absorption (level 32) : You have a chance to gain Arcane Power whenever you are hit by a ranged or melee attack.
  • Pinpoint Barrier (level 41) : Increases your chance to critically hit while Energy Armor is active.
  • Energy Tap (level 48) : Instead of decreasing your maximum Arcane Power, Energy Armor now increases it.
  • Force Armor (level 54) : While Energy Armor is active, incoming attacks that would deal more than 35% of your maximum Life are instead reduced to deal 35% of your maximum Life.
  • Prismatic Armor (level 60) : Increases all resistances while Energy Armor is active.

Energy Twister: Summon an energy twister that deals arcane damage to everything in its path.

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  • Mistral Breeze (level 19) : Reduces casting cost of Energy Twister.
  • Gale Force (level 24) : Increases the damage of Energy Twister.
  • Raging Storm (level 36) : When two Energy Twisters collide, they merge into a tornado with a greater area of effect.
  • Wicked Wind (level 41) : Twisters will now spin in place instead of travelling randomly, but deals less damage.
  • Storm Chaser (level 52) : Casting Energy Twister grants you a Wind Charge. Casting a Signature spell releases all Wind Charges as a giant Energy Twister that deals Arcane damage that scales with the number of Wind Charges that the Wizard has.

Explosive Blast: Builds energy around the Wizard that explodes, causing physical damage in a small radius.

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  • Unleashed (level 24) : Reduces the casting cost of Explosive Blast.
  • Time Bomb (level 29) : Instead of exploding from the Wizard, Explosive Blast now detonates with a longer fuse from the point it was originally cast, dealing increased damage.
  • Short Fuse (level 39) : Removes the fuse, causing Explosive Blast to explode immediately upon casting.
  • Obliterate (level 50) : Increases the explosion radius.
  • Chain Reaction (level 56) : Instead of one big explosion, Explosive Blast now causes 3 consecutive explosions that cascades off the Wizard for fewer damage per explosion.

Familiar: Creates a companion that accompanies the Wizard, attacking enemies. This companion cannot be targeted or damaged by enemies.

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  • Sparkflint (level 30) : Summon a fiery Familiar that increases the damage of all attacks.
  • Dartling (level 40) : Summon a lightning Familiar whose projectiles will pierce through enemies.
  • Ancient Guardian (level 44) : Summon a protective Familiar that will fully absorb damage from 1 attack every 6 seconds when the Wizard is below 35% Life.
  • Arcanot (level 50) : Summons a Familiar that regenerates 2 Arcane Power per second.
  • Cannoneer (level 57) : Summon a Familiar with explosive projectiles.

Frost Nova: An explosion of ice shards emanating from the Wizard damaging nearby enemies. Projectiles have an additional chance of a critical hit. Critical hits freeze targets.

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  • Shatter (level 12) : A frozen enemy that is killed has a chance of releasing another Frost Nova.
  • Cold Snap (level 18) : Reduces the cooldown of Frost Nova.
  • Frozen Mist (level 28) : Instead of freezing enemies, Frost Nova now leaves a mist of frost behind that deals Cold damage over time.
  • Deep Freeze (level 41) : If Frost Nova hits 5 or more targets, you gain a bonus to Critical Hit Chance.
  • Bone Chill (level 51) : Enemies take more damage while frozen or chilled by Frost Nova.

Hydra: Summons a hydra out of the ground that shoot fire balls like an automated turret.

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  • Arcane Hydra (level 26) : Summon an Arcane Hydra that spits out explosive Arcane Orbs, dealing Arcane damage to enemies near the explosion.
  • Lightning Hydra (level 33) : Summon a Lightning Hydra that electrocutes enemies for Lightning damage.
  • Venom Hydra (level 38) : Summon a poison breathing Hydra that leaves a pool of acid that deals Poison damage per second to enemies who remain in the pool.
  • Frost Hydra (level 46) : Summon a Frost Hydra that breathes a short range cone of frost, dealing Cold damage to all enemies affected.
  • Mammoth Hydra (level 56) : Summon a Mammoth Hydra that breathes a river of flame at nearby enemies, dealing Fire damage per second to all enemies on the burning ground.

Ice Armor: The Wizard surrounds herself in a barrier of ice that increases armor, freezes attackers, and causes cold damage. (Cold damage chills enemies, slowing their movement and attack speed.)

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  • Chilling Aura (level 21) : Nearby enemies are chilled, slowing their movement speed.
  • Crystallize (level 31) : Whenever you are struck by a melee attack, your Armor is increased.
  • Jagged Ice (level 42) : Melee attackers also take Cold damage.
  • Ice Reflect (level 49) : Melee attacks have a chance to create a Frost Nova that expands from the attacker, dealing Cold damage.
  • Frozen Storm (level 53) : A whirling storm of ice builds around you for a short period after casting Ice Armor, dealing Cold damage.

Magic Missile: A basic attack. Fires a magic missile at enemies. Critical hits silence targets for 4 secs.

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  • Charged Blast (level 6) : Increases the damage of Magic Missile.
  • Split (level 13) : Instead of a single missile, fire 3 weaker missiles.
  • Penetrating Blast (level 31) : Missiles have a chance to pierce through targets.
  • Attunement (level 42) : Each Magic Missile hit grants 4 Arcane Power.
  • Seeker (level 52) : Missiles now track the nearest enemy and deals increased damage.

Magic Weapon: Imbue a weapon with magic causing it to deal more damage.

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  • Electrify (level 27) : Attacks have a chance to cause lightning to arc to nearby enemies, dealing Lightning damage to them.
  • Force Weapon (level 35) : Increases the damage bonus of Magic Weapon. The Wizard's attack also has a small chance to Knockback any enemies hit while Magic Weapon is active.
  • Conduit (level 38) : Attacks have a chance to restore Arcane Power.
  • Venom (level 46) : Attacks poison enemies, dealing Poison damage per second.
  • Blood Magic (level 55) : Attacks steal life for a percentage of the damage done.

Meteor: A massive meteor falls from the sky that causes fire damage to all enemies in the affected area. Also leaves a pool of fire that does fire damage every second.

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  • Molten Impact (level 29) : Increases the damage of Meteor.
  • Star pact (level 34) : Meteor now deals Arcane damage and costs fewer Arcane Power to cast.
  • Meteor Shower (level 43) : Instead of one big Meteor, unleash a volley of smaller Meteors that covers a wider area of effect.
  • Comet (level 48) : Meteor now deals Cold damage and leaves a freezing mist on impact that deals damage per second and Slows enemy movement speed.
  • Liquefy (level 58) : If the initial impact of the Meteor is a Critical Hit, the molten fire duration is increased.

Mirror Image: The Wizard creates multiple illusions of herself to distract attackers.

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  • Simulacrum (level 31) : Increases the Life of your Mirror Images to have the same Life as the Wizard.
  • Duplicates (level 37) : Summon additional Mirror Images.
  • Mocking Demise (level 45) : Mirror Images explode for Physical damage and has a chance to Stun upon being destroyed.
  • Extension of Will (level 51) : Increases the duration and Life of the Mirror Images.
  • Mirror Mimics (level 58) : Spells cast by your Mirror Images will deal a fraction of the damage of your own spells.

Ray of Frost: A beam of cold energy slams the target. Critical hits freeze targets.

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  • Numb (level 7) : Increases the amount the target's movement is slowed.
  • Snow Blast (level 15) : Channelling the beam continuously on a single target increase the damage of the beam.
  • Cold Blood (level 28) : Reduces the casting cost of Ray of Frost.
  • Sleet Storm (level 38) : Instead of firing a beam, create a swirling storm around you that deals Cod damage to all enemies caught within it.
  • Black Ice (level 53) : Enemies killed by the beam leave behind a patch of ice that deals Cold damage to enemies moving through it.

Shock Pulse: Releases unpredictable electrical charges.

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  • Explosive Bolts (level 9) : Enemies killed with Shock Pulse explode, dealing Lightning damage to nearby enemies caught in the explosion.
  • Fire Bolts (level 18) : Deal increased Fire damage.
  • Piercing Orb (level 33) : Merge the bolts in a single giant orb that oscillates forward, dealing Lightning damage to everything it hits.
  • Lightning Affinity (level 47) : Every target hit by a pulse restores Arcane Power.
  • Living Lightning (level 54) : Conjure a being of lightning that drift forward, electrocuting nearby enemies for Lightning damage.

Slow Time: Creates a dome like structure around the Wizard that slows everything in the vicinity of the character.

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  • Miasma (level 23) : Slow Time effects cling to enemies after they leave the bubble.
  • Time Warp (level 29) : Enemies caught in the bubble take more damage.
  • Time Shell (level 39) : Reduces the area of Slow Time but increases the potency of the movement speed reduction.
  • Perpetuity (level 47) : Reduces the cooldown of Slow Time.
  • Stretch Time (level 53) : Time is sped up for any allies in the area, increasing their attack speed.

Spectral Blades: Spectral blades slice each enemy that are a short distance in front of the Wizard.

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  • Deep Cuts (level 19) : Enemies hit by the blade will Bleed for additional damage per second.
  • Impactful Blades (level 24) : The blades have a chance to Knockback and Slow the movement of enemies.
  • Siphoning Blade (level 35) : Every enemy hit restores Arcane Power.
  • Healing Blades (level 51) : Whenever the blades Critically Hit, you are healed for a percentage of the damage done.
  • Thrown Blade (level 57) : Extends the reach of Spectral Blade.

Storm Armor: Surround yourself in electrical energy. Electric bolts are automatically fired at attackers.

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  • Reactive Armor (level 23) : Whenever you are hit, you have a chance to be enveloped with a lightning shield that shocks nearby enemies for Lightning damage.
  • Power of the Storm (level 33) : Reduce the Arcane Power cost of all skills while Storm Armor is Active
  • Strike Back (level 37) : Increases the damage of the Lightning shocks to the attackers.
  • Scramble (level 43) : Increases your movement speed whenever you are hit by a melee or ranged attack.
  • Shocking Aspect (level 58) : Critical hits have a chance to electrocute a nearby enemy for Lightning damage.

Teleport: The Wizard Teleports to the selected location up to 40 feet away.

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  • Safe Passage (level 26) : The Wizard takes less damage for a short duration after casting Teleport.
  • Wormhole (level 31) : After casting Teleport for the first time, there is a 1 second delay before the cooldown begins, allowing more Teleports to be cast within the second.
  • Reversal (level 37) : Casting Teleport again within 8 seconds will instantly return you to your original location.
  • Fracture (level 43) : Summon a pair of decoys after teleporting.
  • Calamity (level 59) : A weaker version of Wave of Force emits from the Wizard upon arrival, dealing Physical damage to all nearby enemies.

Wave of Force: The Wizard projects a burst of generic energy outwards, repelling enemies and projectiles.

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  • Impactful Wave (level 15) : Increases the distance enemies are knocked back and Stuns all affected enemies.
  • Force Affinity (level 22) : Reduce casting cost and cooldown of Wave of Force.
  • Forceful Wave (level 32) : Increases damage done but reduces Knockback.
  • Teleporting Wave (level 39) : Enemies caught in the Wave of Force will be randomly teleported.
  • Exploding Wave (level 49) : Enemies hit have a chance to cause a smaller Wave of Force.


2357112-wizard_passive_arcanedynamo_thumArcane Dynamo: Upon attacking with either Magic Missile Shock Pulse Spectral Blade or Electroute, there's a chance of receiving a Flash if Insight. After reaching a few more stacks, the next attack (not the ones mentioned above), would be much stronger.
2357113-wizard_passive_astralpresence_thAstral Presence: Increases both maximum Acrane Power and the regeneration rate.
2357114-wizard_passive_blur_thumb.pngBlur: Melee damage is decreased by a percent.
2357115-wizard_passive_coldblooded_thumbCold Blooded: All damage done to chilled and frozen enemies are increased.
2357116-wizard_passive_conflagration_thuConflagration: Adds extra burning effect and all fire attacks adding additional fire damage.
2357117-wizard_passive_criticalmass_thumCritical Mass: Critical hits have a chance to reduce the time of spells that are in a cooldown.
2357118-wizard_passive_evocation_thumb.pEvocation: Cooldown times are reduced.
2357127-wizard_passive_galvanizingward_tGalvanizing Ward: Increases armor time and adds health regeneration as long as the armor is active.
2357120-wizard_passive_glasscannon_thumbGlass Cannon: Increases damage but reduces armor.
2357121-wizard_passive_illusionist_thumbIllusionist: If a single blow causes heavy damage, cooldowns for Teleport and Mirror Image are reset.
2357122-wizard_passive_paralysis_thumb.pParalysis: Lightning damage has a chance to temporarily stun a target.
2357123-wizard_passive_powerhungry_thumbPower Hungry: Gain Arcane Power upon collecting a health globe.
2357124-wizard_passive_prodigy_thumb.pngProdigy: Extra Arcane Power is gained from using the following skill: Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade and Elecroute
2357125-wizard_passive_temporalflux_thumTemporal Flux: Attacking enemies with Arcane would slow enemies down.
2357126-wizard_passive_unstableanomaly_tUnstable Anomaly: When the player's health is dropped to a certain level, they will be automatically healed by a percent and unleashes a shockwave that knocks back all enemies in the surrounding area and slows them down. There is a cooldown for using it again.

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