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 Wizard's Keep is an action RPG made by James & Will Ribaux where the player is a character that is crossing off his goals in life. These goals include cleaning your house, defeating the Goblin Master, the Knight Overlord, and the Evil Wizard Overlord, as well as further improving your house.  
By crawling through dungeons and collecting gold, equipment, and keys the player will progress floors to eventually fight the overlord of an area. Each area starts with a hub that has a teleporter, a save door, and a shop for the player to buy new equipment and supplies such as health packs from.Throughout each dungeon floor(Associated with each the Goblin, Knight, and Wizard) there are teleporters to bring the player back to the hub to regain health, save, and spend some hard earned money.   
As the character levels up one point can be allocated to either strength, speed, constitution, or defense per level. Skill points are also allocated every couple of levels to give such skills as a spin attack, a power attack, and a healing spell. 
There are keys within the dungeons that will grant the player access to other areas, usually to continue in the current dungeon using copper or iron keys, but keys like bronze keys open up over world caves that have tough enemies and usually have a magical equipment to show for clearing the cave.


Wizard's Keep's shops will continuously change items as you progress through the game. Starting the game out with a wooden dagger and wooden shield there are soon shops to buy better weapons and armor. Some of the weapons are: Dagger, Kukri, Long Sword, Battle Axe, and Mace. The shield also upgrades from wooden to metal shields, giving a higher block angle and block ability.  Each weapon, armor, and item type has a level associated with it that will increase it's statistics with each level, even health packs which will heal more with each higher level pack. 
There are magical variants that can be found in over world caves or as drops in dungeons. The magical buffs include defense and constitution bonuses.

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