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    Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released March 1992

    An open world RPG with three character classes, and no password or save system for your progress.

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    Wizards and Warriors three was an an open-world RPG game. The basic structure of the game revolved around three different character types, Thief, Knight and Wizard. Each had their own abilities. 

    These three character types needed to be unlocked by completing challenge rooms and could be levelled up three times. Each time becoming more powerful, with bigger weapons or more powerful abilities.

    People in the world reacted differently to whichever type you were disguised as at the time. For example; thieves were generally attacked by citizens.

    The open world allowed players to back track right to the start if necessary. The different abilities were required to make progress and unlock new areas. For example a Bee Hive which blocked access to one area could only be hit by a diagonal fireball strike, which was only possible to do with the Level 1 Wizard. A brain-shaped obstacle in the underworld could only be destroyed by a Level 2 Knight, and so on.

    Wizards and Warriors could take around 4 hours to beat from start to finish. It unfortunately had no save or password system to continue your progress, so the only way to finish the game was to put in a marathon session. This was further complicated by a limited number of lives. Fail on the last boss, and you've just wasted half a day.

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