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    Wolf Hawkfield

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    Wolf Hawkfied is a Canadian pro wrestler, and a character in the Virtua Fighter series of fighting games by Sega. He was one of the eight playable characters in the very first Virtua Fighter game, released in 1993.

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    Wolf Hawkfield is a character in the Virtua Fighter series. A power wrestler by nature, Wolf Hawkfield has many moves that mimic wrestling moves shown on TV. He appeared in the first game in the series, released in arcades in 1993, and has appeared in every subsequent game in the series. Hawkfield is considered to be a character well suited for new or inexperienced players.

    In the Virtua Fighter canon, Hawkfield has not yet been successful in the Virtua Fighter World Tournament. He first joined the Tournament to prove his worth as a fighter, but was beaten by Akira Yuki in the first tournament. One day, he has a dream with an ominous prophecy about a man who wanted to destroy the world, and it is this dream that drags him back to the World Tournament, as he is determined to find the truth behind his recurring dream.


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