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Linear Shooter

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot is a game that is set before Wolfenstein Youngblood.

Having said that there isn't much connection between the two and thus playing them out of order is fine, there is some minor dialogue in Youngblood that does connect both games but it is really minor and shouldn't effect the enjoyment of either games. if you do indeed end up playing them out of order.

The gameplay in this game is not that difficult and feels more like an introduction to the Wolfenstein series, given certain elements within the game, such as acquiring all too familiar mechanical toys to ride in, which those familiar with the series will know all too well

The game also feels rather boring with repetitive objectives and there feels like there really is no point to the story which is lacking in depth and personality. It is enjoyable playing as a Cyberpilot though, which is often one of the game series many villains.

The game is very linear and doesn't feel like it would be worth replaying as there is next to no replay-ability anyway.

There are perhaps a few miss-able Trophies and Achievements if you enjoy that kind of thing. However, do not expect any collectibles or side quests. It really is linear.



We are still very new to PSVR games, this was actually the first one that we managed to play and complete.

It is still a perhaps obscure feeling to be strapped with a mask and magically teleporting our minds into an animated world, one in which we do enjoy however.

Thus we personally enjoyed this game for the whole VR experience. As for anything else we perhaps wouldn't recommend this title.

We are obviously a long way before we get proper full in-depth VR games and this game simply proves it.

Story Length: 8-10 Hours

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