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    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 29, 2003

    A free multiplayer-only standalone expansion to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, building on its team-based multiplayer with new weapons, reworked classes, multi-map campaigns, and player upgrades.

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    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a freeware historical-military multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Splash Damage and released by Activision for the PC, Mac, and Linux on May 29, 2003.

    A standalone expansion to the World War II game Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory builds on the original's 32-player team-based objective-focused multiplayer with multi-map campaigns, a player promotion system (as players earn new perks through gameplay), new weaponry, and reworked character classes.

    The game was originally planned to be released as a retail expansion pack to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, then as a standalone expansion with a single-player campaign. Due to issues with the campaign, it was instead released as a free multiplayer-only game. Running on a modified id Tech 3 engine, the game received modding support (with a provided SDK) on January 2004 and its complete source code was later released as open source on August 20, 2010.

    It was later included in some editions of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and later received a commercial follow-up in 2007 with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and also received re-releases (PC only) by Bethesda on Steam on April 26, 2022, Microsoft Store on August 17, 2022, and on October 20, 2022. Despite having no references to Nazis, this release is unavailable in German regions.


    As with the multiplayer in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory puts players in team-based matches between the Allies and the Axis forces, with each player as one of several character classes that excel in different roles.

    Along with the standard map-based objective mode (Single-Map Objective), which can also be played in a multi-map Campaign or a "Stopwatch" scenario (where the map is played twice, with teams swapped between rounds, and the team who wins in the faster time wins the game), the game includes a bonus "Last Man Standing" mode where teams win one-life rounds by eliminating the opposing team.

    Although there are several new server-side features added in the game, it also includes several new gameplay mechanics, including the "Skill" system (where players earn experience points through combat and gain new perks from them), the "Fireteam" system (where players join small-knit squads and get their whereabouts on the HUD along with private chats), reinforcement timers, detailed player stats, and an optional "Referee" system where players can designate a single player to change certain match settings.


    By default, each class has access to a sub-machine gun as a primary weapon (Thompson for the Allies, MP-40 for the Axis) and a pistol as a secondary weapon (Colt for the Allies, Luger for the Axis). They also start with one frag grenade, which can be cooked for earlier detonation.


    The game's most straightforward class to play, the Soldier focuses on using one of several heavy weaponry, including special anti-infantry weapons and explosive anti-tank weapons. Unlike other classes, Soldiers do not use the Special weapon slots.

    Soldiers have four unique primary weapons to choose from: a mobile MG-42 (which allows them to carry and deploy their own machine gun anywhere they can prone), a Flamethrower (which can engulf all close-ranged combatants in flame), a Panzerfaust (which launches precise and powerful rockets at a slow rate), and a Mortar set (which can be deployed to lob explosive shells in an arc over terrain). All of these weapons cause the player to move slower while equipped.

    At their peak upgrade, Soldiers can equip the standard sub-machine gun as their secondary weapon, improving their versatility.

    The Power Bar is used for firing Panzerfaust rockets (100%) and launching Mortar shells (50%).


    While they do not have any unique weaponry, the Medic specializes in reviving downed allies with the Syringe (healing them to half-health) and deploying Health Packs that other classes can use to heal. They also have a higher amount of maximum health (+23 HP) and automatically regenerate health (+3 HP/sec).

    At their peak upgrade, Medics can opt to use the Syringe on themselves to give themselves Adrenaline, temporarily reduce their stamina consumption and improve their damage resistance, improving their survivability in tense situations.

    The Power Bar is used for deploying Health Packs (25%) and self-administering Adrenaline (100%).


    Essential for several of the game's primary objectives, Engineers can construct and repair certain objectives, machine gun nests, and Command Posts using their Pliers while using timed Dynamite charges to destroy or breach certain other objectives. They can also deploy Land Mines in grassy areas (as proximity traps) and spawn three additional grenades.

    The Engineer's unique primary weapon are unscoped semi-automatic rifles (M1 Garand for the Allies, K-43 for the Axis), which can be loaded with rifle grenades to launch them at a longer distance.

    At their peak upgrade, Engineers gain a flak jacket that gives them a significant resistance to explosive damage, allowing them to

    The Power Bar is used for launching rifle grenades (50%), deploying Dynamite (100%), deploying Land Mines (50%), and for overall construction and repair (gradually over time).

    Field Ops

    While they do not have any unique weaponry, the Field Ops specializes in both restocking their forces in the field (by dropping Ammo Packs) and suppressing enemies using forces outside of the battlefield (including Air Strikes at shorter ranges from deploying flares and Artillery barrages at longer ranges through their binoculars). They also start with Binoculars.

    At their peak upgrade, Field Ops specialists can detect and highlight enemy Covert Ops players who are disguised.

    The Power Bar is used for deploying Ammo Packs (25%) and deploying both Artillery and Air Strikes (100%).

    Covert Ops

    The game's more complex class, Covert Ops focuses on subterfuge through silenced and scoped weaponry, remotely-detonated Satchel Charges, disorienting Smoke Grenades, and disguising as fallen enemy players. They also start with an additional grenade and Binoculars, and can get an early Light Weapons upgrade to spot Land Mines with it for their allies.

    Unlike other classes, the Covert Ops cannot use the standard sub-machine gun as their primary weapon. Additionally, the pistol is now suppressed for more difficult detection (although the silencer can be toggled). They have three primary weapons to choose from: the Sten (a suppressed sub-machine gun that can overheat from continual use), the FG-42 (a scoped assault rifle that can be fired at semi-auto while scoped and full-auto while hip-firing), and a scoped, suppressed semi-automatic rifle (M1 Garand for the Allies, K-43 for the Axis, both of which can negate the helmet headshot resistance).

    At their peak upgrade, Covert Ops specialists can perform an guaranteed kill when stabbing from the back.

    The Power Bar is used for deploying both Satchel Charges and Smoke Grenades (100%).


    During the game, players earn experience points in seven separate Skills: Light Weapons, Battle Sense, and five Class-specific skills (only one of which is used at a time). These XP persist throughout the campaign (or until the player disconnects), although servers can opt to have it persist across multiple campaigns, reset after a preset time limit, or reset between maps.

    Each Skill has different objectives to earn XP and have four level thresholds (20XP, 50XP, 90XP, and 140XP), each of which give a variety of buffs and bonuses to the player.

    Light Weapons (All)

    Successful kills with most standard weaponry can upgrade the Light Weapons skill, improving the player's efficiency with pistols and SMGs regardless of their chosen class.

    Players earn 3XP per kill with unscoped bullet weapons (other than the MG-42) and grenades, with a bonus 2XP for headshot kills. XP is also gained by destroying emplacements with grenades.

    1. Grants an extra ammo magazine on spawn for all bullet weaponry.
    2. Improves the reload speed of pistols and SMGs by 35%.
    3. Improves recoil control for pistols.
    4. Allows dual-wielded pistols.

    Battle Sense (All)

    Consistently engaging in combat can upgrade the Battle Sense skill, improving the player's overall mobility and survivability regardless of their chosen class.

    Players earn a certain amount of XP every 30 seconds survived based on whether or not they inflict damage to, and receive damage from, enemy players during that time. Inflicting damage grants 2XP, inflicting damage while receiving enemy damage grants 5XP, and killing while receiving enemy damage grants 8XP.

    1. Allows all classes to use Binoculars to observe the enemy. Covert Ops can use them to highlight enemy Land Mines for allies.
    2. Improves stamina regeneration speed by 60%.
    3. Increases maximum HP by 15.
    4. Allows all classes to detect nearby enemy Land Mines.

    Heavy Weapons (Soldier)

    XP is gained per kill (3XP) with the MG-42, Flamethrower, Panzerfaust, or Mortat. XP is also gained by destroying emplacements with the Panzerfaust and Mortar.

    1. Reduces Power consumption of firing the Panzerfaust (down to 66%) and Mortar (down to 33%).
    2. Improves the cooldown of the MG-42 by 100%.
    3. Reduces the movement penalty while equipping heavy weapons from 50% to 25% (30% to 0% for Flamethrower).
    4. Allows the use of the standard sub-machine gun as their secondary weapon.

    First Aid (Medic)

    XP is gained by having an ally collect a Health Pack (1XP) and by reviving using a Syringe (4XP).

    1. Grants an extra Grenade on spawn. Also grants an extra ammo magazine on spawn for the standard submachine gun (does not stack with the Light Weapons skill).
    2. Grants two extra Syringes on spawn. Reduces Power Bar consumption for the Medic Pack from 25% to 15%.
    3. Improves the health restored by Syringes (from 50% to 100%)
    4. Allows them to self-apply Syringe on themselves for an Adrenaline buff.

    Engineering (Engineer)

    XP is gained by finishing construction (dependent on objective), repairing a MG42 (3XP), killing with Rifle Grenades (3XP), killing with Dynamite or Land Mines (4XP), defusing Land Mines (4XP), defusing Dynamite or Satchel Charges (6XP), and destroying an objective using Rifle Grenades, Dynamite, or Land Mines (dependent on objective).

    1. Grants four extra Rifle Grenades and four extra Grenades on spawn.
    2. Improves the arming and defusal speed of both Dynamite and Land Mines by 50%.
    3. Improves construction and repair speed by 33%. Reduces Power consumption of deploying Dynamite (down to 66%) and Land Mines (down to 33%).
    4. Increases damage resistance of explosions by 50%.

    Signals (Field Ops)

    XP is gained by having an ally collect an Ammo Pack (1XP), killing with either an Artillery or Air Strike (4XP for the former, 3XP for the latter), and destroying an objective using an Artillery or Air Strike (dependent on objective).

    1. Grants an extra Grenade on spawn. Reduces Power consumption of dropping Ammo Packs from 25% to 15%. Ammo Packs dropped now give double ammo.
    2. Reduces Power consumption of calling Artillery and Air Strikes from 100% to 66%.
    3. Artillery and Air Strikes now last twice as long.
    4. Allows the player to identify and highlight disguised enemy players.

    Covert Operations (Covert Ops)

    XP is gained through kills with weapons while scoped (3XP, 5XP for headshots), kills with a Satchel Charge (5XP), revealing a Land Mine (3XP) disguising themselves (5XP), and destroying an objective using a Satchel Charge (dependent on objective).

    1. Grants an extra ammo magazine on spawn for scoped weapons (does not stack with the Light Weapons skill)..
    2. Reduces Power consumption of placing Satchel Charges and Smoke Grenades by 33%.
    3. Reduces the recoil and sway of Scoped Weapons by 50%.
    4. Knife attacks to the back are now instant kill, rather than 100 HP.


    The game originally included six maps, spanning two separate campaigns. While each map can be played on its own, servers can opt to instead treat them as multi-map campaigns, where player XP and upgrades can persist throughout the campaign.

    North Africa

    • Gold Rush - Allied forces must steal a German tank destroyer and escort it through a Libyan city to a bank in order to breach its doors, steal two crates of gold onto a stolen truck, and escort the truck out of the city.
    • Seawall Battery - Allied forces must infiltrate an artillery battery built on the Tunisian coast and destroy its gun controls.
    • Siwa Oasis - Allied forces must infiltrate an Axis garrison in an old Egyptian city and destroy their two anti-tank guns.

    Central Europe

    • Fuel Dump - Allied forces must escort an assault tank through the snowy German tundra in order to breach a fuel depot, where they must then destroy the fuel supply. Unlike other maps, this one is based on the "Forest Compound" single-player mission in the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
    • Rail Gun - Axis forces must escort gun tugs throughout a snowy Crimean railway in order to load and transport ammunition to a colossal railway gun, while protecting the gun's firing controls from the Allies.
    • Würzburg Radar - Allied forces must infiltrate a radar installation in the rainy Swedish countryside, then steal components for two prototype radars onto a getaway truck.


    Because source code of the game logic was released in a SDK in early 2004, various mods have been created by the community. Some of the most popular ones are:

    • Jaymod -Many new features, mostly used in fun servers
    • ETpub - Mod, which tries to keep original look of the game with no giantic differences from base game
    • No Quarter - Originally based of ETpub, features higher levels, new guns and many other improvements and bugfixes
    • ETpro - The mod used for competitions
    • True Combat Elite - A mod that largely changes the look of the game

    Enemy Territory Ultimate Installer is a compilation installer that includes the latest version of ET with the most common modifications and maps.

    ETTV is a special modification that allows other people to spectate matches, allowing people to see matches of, for example, tournaments live in game, using the spectator function ingame. Most of the viewable games are seen on


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