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An old FPS franchise wakes up in an unrecognizable future, yet manages to adapt adroitly all the same. 0

Wolfenstein: The New Order once again drops its beleaguered action hero Captain B.J. Blazkowicz into the most audacious World War II alternate historical fiction since Inglourious Basterds. It's fair to say that speculative fiction has approached the concept of "what if the Axis forces won World War II?" perhaps more than any other conceit (it even has its own dedicated Wikipedia page), but The New Order has a lot of fun with the idea, adding in the added wrinkle of highly advanced ancient techn...

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2014 Ways To Murder A Nazi 0

Its a real shame that the new Wolfenstein game doesn't quite live up to the potential of it's best story and character moments.What a weird thing to read in 2014, eh? It's an honest sentiment though, believe it or not. It's maybe a little disingenuous to so completely pre-judge a game because of it's franchises past but Wolfenstein: The New Order really does attempt to make genuine heartfelt strides forward in storytelling terms. And while in the end it may be done in by it's more ridiculous te...

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Not Fun to Play, And Not as Smart As It Seems to Think 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order has the pretense of deep storytelling and rich characters, but it's a game where you go to a Nazi moon base. It's a game where a concentration camp is the setting for Summer thrill-ride action. It's a game where the hero has a jaw the width of his shoulders and the villain is a scientist who makes robots out of stolen brains. It's a game that has nothing to say about Nazis, oppression, occupation, resistance, the 1960s, sex, or anything it opens its mouth about. It's a...

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Hyperviolent old school shooting and a story worth caring about make The New Order a welcome surprise 0

Wolfenstein: The New Order opens with a turret sequence, an egregious use of modern action game’s most tired cliché. You’ll shoot Luftwaffe out of the skies as series mainstay B.J. Blazkowicz, leading a barrage of allied aircraft as they converge on General Deathshead’s ominous sanctuary. With a name like that he’s as obvious a villain as you’re ever likely to see; a disfigured and torturous Nazi scientist, Deathshead now leads the vile fascist regime in an a...

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The New Order is a near-perfect marrying of old school and modern shooter design 0

The Wolfenstein series has gone through a weird trajectory over it's lifetime. Despite existing in it's known form as the premier first-person shooter franchise for 22 years, it's only just now getting its fourth proper entry. Coming cold off the heels of Raven's 2009 Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein: The New Order marks not only MachineGames' debut title as a collective, but quickest sequel the series has ever gotten.Three games of going after this guy and BJ still can't catch a break.Because of Wolfen...

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Return to Classic Wolfenstein 0

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a sort of direct sequel to Wolfenstein (2009), but much like the Nazis resurrecting the tombs of Ancient Germanic Warriors, Wolfenstein: The New Order plans to resurrect the older shooter gameplay, hearkening back to classic titles like Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein 3D. Does it succeed in this endeavor, or does it fail harder than the Nazis have failed so, so many times in Wolfenstein's line-up?Well, much like the Nazis in this latest entry, Machine ...

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Shootin', Killin', Stranglin' Nazis 0

Woflenstein: The New Order As someone who doesn't really play many FPS games aside from Halo, I can safely say that this was indeed a very pleasant surprise, and I don't think I've had this much fun with a game this year. I am someone who has never really played any of the previous Wolfenstein games, I didn't really know what to expect. Others mainly said that it was a very fun game, at least, in terms of gameplay, and when I saw small clip of the new order I kind of assumed that it was over the...

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Wolfenstein The New Order 0

THE PREMISE: Wolfenstein The New Order looks to bring the Wolfenstein franchise back to the stage by stringing together brutal FPS combat, next-gen graphics, and an over the top setting where Nazi robots control the world. Is dual wield shotguns, destroying robots, and blowing off the limbs of Nazis with a shower of blood satisfying enough to render this title noteworthy?THE GOOD: This game succeeds in providing over the top action in an interesting alternate history setting. At first it seems o...

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Dumb, Derivative, and Deductible - And You Know What? That's Just Fine. 0

In 1992, the FPS genre was forever changed with the addition of Wolfenstein 3D. It is widely regarded among the most important and significant video games in history. Following the success of Wolfenstein 3D, the genre coalesced, and gradually developed into the alarmingly standard presented in 2014's Wolfenstein: The New Order. However, that is by all means not a bad thing. There have been new incarnations of the Wolfenstein franchise popping up every few years, and all of them have failed to in...

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A Lesson in Shooting 0

I feel like every first person shooter in the world can take a page from Half Life 2's book. Probably one of the greatest games of all time. Now we can add a new shooter that COD and Battlefield can learn from. Its called Wolfenstein: The New Order. Lets start with the story.The Wolfenstein series stars B.J. Blazkowicz doing what B.J. Blazkowicz does best. Shootin' Nazis. And god damn does B.J. Blazkowicz do it well. So well in fact, that he has started being haunted by the memory of every Nazi...

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Returning to Wolfenstein('s Roots) 0

It's hard to recommend the 2009 Wolfenstein "reboot". In fact, based on the lackluster story and strange, supernatural gameplay of that game, it shouldn't be expected that Wolfenstein: The New Order would improve on the series. However, it does so in nearly every way.The great thing about the old Wolfenstein and Doom shooters was the ability to just run-and-gun your way to wrecking everything and everyone in front of you. This is mostly returned in The New Order. Sure, you can aim down the sigh...

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So fun and refreshing to break the monotony of Call of Duty! 0

I can write a two page long review over this game, but I will leave it to a quick synopsis of my thoughts. I have played all of the Wolfensteins to date, including Raven's dud of a 2008 Wolfenstein. Haven't seeing a Wolfenstein game in over 6 years, I was quite excited to play this. *No Multiplayer (GOOD), 5GB day one required patch* + Old school appeal with new age graphics, they hit it right on the mark. + Throwable knives, they are retrievable. + Dual wielding weapons, it does not fee...

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Blauer Montag 0

It is hard to envision Nazis in video game form without thinking back to 1992's Wolfenstein 3D. As one of the first major shooters, it helped shape the genre as we see it today. With so many attempts to reboot the franchise over the years, the announcement of Wolfenstein: The New Order was only a surprise in that it was being tried again. In a surprising twist, developer Machine Games has not only attempted to bring the series to a new generation, but actually succeeded, complete with a refreshi...

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Wolfenstein: Alt History is the Best History 0

The game opens in an alternate 1946 where the Nazi army has pushed the Allied forces to the brink of destruction with a series of highly advanced armaments, including robots, genetically altered super-soldiers, and nuclear weapons. B.J. Blazkowicz, traditional hero of the Wolfenstein series and Nazi-killing machine is tasked with assassinating General Wilhelm ‘Deathshead’ Strasse, the Nazi scientist responsible for the Nazi’s shiny new tech. He fails.It’s now 1960 and the...

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Wolfenstein the new order 0

I enjoyed the game especially the artificial intelligence of enemies.Graphical PS4 station in history is very good and very nice. I'm not a fan of the series but now I Wolfenstein fan.I recommend this game rather cool and worth being buy.thanks Marcos....

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Great return to Wolfenstein! 0

As a longtime fan of the series I had been waiting for this game since I first learned it was in development. That's a long time to build up impossibly high expectations. Well, I'm happy to report that this game was everything I wanted and more. Excellent gameplay which included some surprising excellent stealth mechanics (optional). The story is one of the best of recent years regardless of genre. And the graphics are simply amazing thanks to the wizardry of John Carmack. ...

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Mostly competent but unremarkable 1

I'm going to be a little bit raw with this review. As a shooter, this game is merely competent. All of the weapons are useful but purely functional. The laser gun is somewhat unbalanced as it doesn't provide enough shots in its clip to match its utility. Dual wielding is fun and silly, but in the end it doesn't add much. Dual knives are rather fun on the lower difficulty levels, as you can sprint around killing people like a deranged beefcake ninja. But the scenarios you're presented with are co...

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Clumsy game play design and stupid glitches hurts this shooter. 0

It has been out in the open for awhile now that video games have gotten quite easier over the years, and for some people this is a bad thing while for others it simply isn't. I'm more towards the middle of this, yet I have a better appreciation for tougher games because they simply generate a sense of greater excitement which equates to being more memorable; I must make it clear though, the type of games I do appreciate are those that requires the player to work hard at developing their skills t...

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The 60's Are Less Groovy and More "Filled With Nazis" 0

I was about 3 hours into Wolfenstein: The New Order when I realized something.I cared about the characters I had met in the game. Which isn’t something I find happening all that often in games in general. And I didn’t expect it from a new entry in a 20 year old series about shooting Nazis. But Wolfenstein: The New Order isn’t just another shooter.Yet oddly it's also one of the best shooters I've played in a long time.Wolfenstein: The New Order is the latest game in the long ru...

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Wolfenstein: The New Order - Review 0

I might be five years late to this game but damn was this good.B.J. Blazkowicz is back and he's at his old game of killing Nazis. In an alternate time line type of narrative, Blazkowicz is fighting for the Allies against the Nazis but things are not going well. He is part of a final assault to stop the Nazi war machine but things go poorly and Blazkowicz is gravely injured. Over the course of fourteen years, he has had time to heal but the Nazis have continued their campaign to take over the wor...

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Let's all invent fake german versions of our favorite bands! (or just another review of Wolfenstein The New Order) 0

Fun Fact: I bought Wolfenstein here in Austria at a local store went home to fire it up just to realise that it had FORCED German voice over in the PS4 edition and that put me so off at first that I almost didn't give the game another chance. Good thing I came back around to it because Wolfenstein The New Order is a very refreshing FPS in a mostly very self serious genre.You start out playing as B.J. Blazkowicz who is on his way to overthrow the last Nazi general/mad-scientist "Totenkopf" who i...

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A Fundementally Excellent Singleplayer Shooter 0

Wolfenstein: The New Order is the best shooter to come out in some time. All indications say that it’s a game from a smart new studio that knows well it won’t beat Call of Duty or Halo in a “let’s make things blow up bigger” arms race. They’ve made a singleplayer focused shooter that takes it’s time and also one that’s hard not to fall in love with.Before I convince you to love The New Order, let me ask you something. Do you even care about the Wol...

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