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Wolfenstein The Old Familiar Feeling

I held off on buying this game for a long time, despite having already played through the entirety of the rest of the Wolfenstein series all the way back to the first 2D games (although I never quite finished the very first ones). That may have been a mistake, because this is an absolutely fantastic entry to the series, but perhaps it was okay to wait until now?

I really enjoyed the callback to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which was the game that first introduced me to the series, along with all the cable cars and the supernatural monsters. The story was pretty engaging as well and it somehow managed to make me care about all these characters even though I barely interacted with them. The gameplay still held up, despite being 4 years old at this point and 2 new games (or arguably 3 if you count Cyberpilot) in the series having released since then. The perk system, similar to The New Order and The New Colossus, is still among my favourites in video games overall, with perks unlocking based on your actions in the game rather than an arbitrary skill point system. The idea of becoming better at something that you practice a lot simply makes sense, and the game awards you for being good at certain actions in the game.

All that said, the game is rather short. I finished the game in about 5 hours and I think I took my time. I explored the easter egg levels, I read through texts and I went through the game trying to stay as stealthy as possible.

When the game first came out it was 30€ I believe and I think that's an absolutely fair price for a game of this size. At this point, the game is often only around 10€ and that is more than worth the price. If you're a fan of classic story-based first person shooters, especially Return to Castle Wolfenstein, this game is a big recommendation from me.

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