Gametrailers Retrospective: Wolfenstein

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Retrospectives are awesome 

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Thanks a lot, I love these.  I'm not a big fan of their anthologies though-- have you seen those?  They just list the games in a series with a bit of limited information on each. Awh well, thanks for sharing.
EDIT:  I didn't think Id Software did all that much for the new Wolfenstein game, besides John Carmack's usual assistance he gives everybody on the technology.  I'm not so sure they properly gave everybody the right credit.  It seemed like they sold Raven, Nerve and Splash Damage a little short.

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Cool, that was a nice trip down memory lane. 


On another note, please learn to post active links and embed videos, it's piss easy dude. Click insert and click video, then paste the embed code into the box and click the red button to activate the video.
To activate a link, highlight it, when you do the link icon will highlight itself (the icon before insert), click it and paste the URL into the top box then click the red tab to activate.
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I remember playing Wolf3D on my windows 3.1 on like 5 floppy disks. I'm olddddddddddddddddddd

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