How's the Multiplayer?

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#1 Posted by Muffin_Hunter (194 posts) -

For those of you who remember Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer how's this one compare? Is it as fun as it ever was? I've hardly heard anything about it. :(

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#2 Posted by matt (1086 posts) -

 oh boy.... well... how do i say this... its not good. Multiplayer is the first thing i loaded up and it doesn't come close to Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Honestly i only played 2 matches but the guns felt clumsy and the upgrades seemed really overpowered and it just felt bad overall. Maybe i just need time to get into it but so far I'm quite disappointed.

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#3 Posted by Jeffsekai (7160 posts) -

Its really laggy, not very fun. If they fixed the lag I might play some of it but right now its about as bad as Gears of War 2 on launch day. The single player is really fun tho.

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#4 Posted by shadows_kill (3094 posts) -

its good when its not so laggy. 1/3  games has no lag it seems. the add ons do feel some what overpowered but its NOT what is hurting the multiplayer. whats killing it is in the smaller area in the maps people with flamethrowers can kill you in no time.. other than that i think its pretty good.. i havent played return to castle wolfenstein so idk how it is compared to it..

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#5 Posted by Muffin_Hunter (194 posts) -

Oh man, that's too bad. I was hoping it would've turned out better, but thanks for cluing me in guys. I still might checkout the game later for the single player, when there's a price drop.

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#6 Posted by Paliv (212 posts) -

I loved Return's multiplayer, I will pick it up for sure if I hear they fix the lag issues.  I am really interested in this one.

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#7 Posted by Newportdadde (31 posts) -

There is quite a bit of lag even on the games showing a couple of green bars for me.  The host seems to have a very large advantage,  if I go one on one with a host I will usually loose.  I've only played about 10min of the single player so I can't really speak for that but I've heard good things.  I probably have in a least 3 or 4 hours in on multiplayer. 
Right now I would say the multiplayer is inferior to Red Faction.
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#8 Posted by Jeffsekai (7160 posts) -

Wow almost a week later and not even a word from the devs on weathers there's a patch coming dear god this is pathetic.

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