I hope Jeff is ready for some Gin

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#1 Posted by Feanor (1440 posts) -

He seems to have underestimated Madden.

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#2 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

He didn't overestimate Madden.  That series sells by the truckload every year whether it's deserved or not.  I think he did overestimate the sales that Wolfenstein would generate, though.

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#3 Posted by jakob187 (22933 posts) -

I think it's pretty amazing that only, like, 400 users separate the bet.  Pretty cool. 
Sucks to be Jeff, though.  Given the way his Twitter has read over his vacation...I'm pretty sure the gin is going to be the tipping point!  lol

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#4 Posted by Zinc (207 posts) -

Can't wait for the video of him vomiting.

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#5 Posted by nrain (1301 posts) -

Well I have Wolfenstein coming but I doubt I'll get it before september 1st. I thought Jeff would win but that isn't gonna happen now.
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#6 Posted by HydraHam (1380 posts) -

well.. i guess im going to have to create about 400 silver accounts and get all the achievements on each, create about 400 giant bomb accounts and link 1 silver account to each one.. jeff shall not lose.

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#7 Posted by Lingxor (458 posts) -

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#8 Posted by CowMuffins (1781 posts) -

I could have raised some peoples to play it if my thread hadn't been locked. I admit though, I didn't play Wolfenstein. D:

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#9 Posted by brocool (705 posts) -

Nothing beats a Gin and Tonic.. nothing

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