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A name synonymous with honor and professionalism, traits that are rare in the mercenary business, the Wolf's Dragoons are one of the most well known and influential mercenary companies in the Inner Sphere.


The Wolf's Dragoons descended from Clan space in the year 3000 on a long term assignment to recon the Inner Sphere. The group comprised mostly of volunteer freeborn warriors from Clan Wolf and was headed by freeborn brothers Jamie and Joshua Wolf. The Dragoon's arrival to the Inner Sphere startled House Davion; although it was a mercenary group, the Dragoons had five regiments of 'Mechs, some of which were thought to be extinct or have never been seen before. In addition, the Dragoons were strangely well supported by Dropships, Jumpships and even a space station with a 'Mech production facility.

The Dragoons worked under each of the five Houses of the Inner Sphere to study them. After the Fourth Succession War, the Wolf's Dragoons was granted the planet Outreach by House Davion. The Dragoons established Outreach as their home planet and turned it into a mercenary center, providing repair and training services to fledgling mercenary companies.

In 3050, the Clans invaded the Inner Sphere. It was during this time that Jamie Wolf called a conference with the five major houses to reveal the Dragoon's and the Clan's origins. The Dragoons fought with the Inner Sphere against the Clans. Following the Clan invasion and the subsequent dissolving of the Mercenary Review Board, the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission (MRBC) was established on Outreach, cementing the planet as the home to prospective mercenaries.


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