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The Wonder Chef first appeared in Tales of Eternia (US title Tales of Destiny II). He has since featured in Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. The Wonder Chef can be found in disguise in most major towns of the gameworld. By finding the Wonder Chef the player character will learn new cooking recipes. These recipes can be used to prepair food which aids the party with recovery effects and temporary attribute enchancements. 
The Wonder Chef's disguises are often humourous and oddly out of place. His disguises include the following: a pelican house, a tea kettle, a good luck cat, a magazine rack, an animal trap, a parakeet, a wooden block, a giant green pumpkin, a rehaird model, a painting, a wrapped present, a firebird house, a phonograph, a turtle shell lamp, a giant book, a head of cabbage, a potted flower, a telephone, a blue anchor, a fondue set, a jumping daikon (vegetable), a yellow duck, a hopping blue fish, a teruteru bouzu doll, a spinning pinwheel, a trophy, a cactus with a chef hat, a bowling pin, an ice cream cone, a painted wooden cutout of himself, a waving scarecrow. This list is not exhaustive. 

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