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    Wood Elves

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    Wood Elves are a common race in the fantasy genre. Their affinity to nature leads many to the path of druids or rangers.

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    The Elder Scrolls

    The Bosmer, commonly referred to as wood elves, hail from the province of Valenwood.


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    Along with the high elves, the wood elves were driven from Tunaria (now Antonica) by Solusek Ro. While the high elves built the glorious Castle Felwithe, the wood elves built a magnificent tree top city known as Kelethin. Wood elves are not nearly as arrogant as their high elf cousins, which explains the existance of half elves. As one would imagine, wood elves are devout followers of Tunare and all of her creations. They lack strength but make up for it with their agility and dexterity. Wood elves make for excellent druids and rangers. Some spread the word of Tunare as bards. Kelethin also produces rogues they call scouts sent forth to collect intelligence on their enemies. And a few wood elves discard their wisdom for nature and take on a life of defending the city as a warrior. All of them have infravision, helping them see through the darkness of the forest. They also have the ability to forage food and water. Like other elves, they can wear small or medium armor. Wood elves refer to themselves using the Elvish tongue as the Feir'Dal.


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