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    Wood is a natural resource most commonly harvested from trees and brush. Wood often varies in color, variety, structure, and water content. it plays a vital role in crafting, building, and the culinary arts, and is often used as a resource for fuel and heat in lieu of fossil fuels like coal.

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    Wood frequently appears in natural environments and as part of building architecture in many games, particularly those in the fantasy genre, however, it also commonly plays a gameplay role in crafting and survival games. For example, in the highly popular Minecraft players may destroy trees to collect wood and then use it to construct basic tools or, as many players do, use it in the construction of new structures. Frequently, in games where multiple tools may be crafted from different materials, wood is considered one of the weakest materials. In titles such as Don't Starve or This War of Mine wood may be used to start fires, making it a vital indirect tool for survival, scaring away monsters in the former game and providing warmth and fuel for cooking food in the latter.


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