Leaderboard achievements: Get them, or get banned trying.

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I think there's something wrong with me. For the first time in over a decade I actually cheated in a game. I feel... strange. What is this feeling? Guilt?

You made me cheat. But who's fault is it really?
You made me cheat. But who's fault is it really?

So this game has leaderboard achievements. You have to place 1st once, top 10 ten times, and reach place number 250 in the hourly leaderboards. Each feat is its own achievement. This is something I have never achieved in any game. Ever.

So here I am, an achievement hunter, looking at unoptainable achievements. Atleast for my part.

And so, from here on out there are 4 paths:

  1. Accept defeat. Stop playing. Never get the achievements.
  2. Continue to play a game that I only find mildly entertaining. Never get the achievements.
  3. Use a helper online. Get achievements.
  4. Use a helper online. Get banned.

I chose to go for 3, but I was caught. Hm. Time to reflect.

So I "cheated", and with that I was ruining the game for others who tried to win fair and square. And to those people I apologize. I'm sorry.

(I think I know what this feeling is now. I feel selfish. I feel rotten for ruining the experience for others.)

I'm not saying it was anyone elses fault but mine, but what did the devs expect when they included these achievements? By looking at different forums it seems like almost every achievement hunter have used a helper. They even discuss how it must be used in moderation to avoid ban. To beat the system, if you will.

Should developers take learning in this? Or is it fair to include achievements that only a small percentage of the players will get?

I would not have used a helper if it wasn't for the achievements, and by the looks of it this was also the reason for hundreds of other people.

I think it's debate-worthy. I don't consider myself a cheater, so in retro perspective I'm shocked over myself. I cheated. Jesus christ, this alters the perspective of myself. I'm kind of ashamed. But this game would have a lot less cheaters if it wasn't for the achievements. Or are the achievements comparable to the gold medal in the olympics? Is cheating to get achievements the same a using performance enhancers in sports to win? Is it strictly necessary to have these achievements that attract "cheaters"?

(English is not my first language, but I hope that you understand what the idea of this post is)

edit: It's worth mentioning that I only used the helper for a few rounds. I didn't make it top ten any of the rounds, not to mention first place, so I didn't get the achievements. I basically gave up, but when I returned to the menu my stats were reset. So I didn't have any intentions to continue, but I still got this idea that I wanted tp share.

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You are whats wrong with online gaming. To stoop so low for gamerscore? Shame.

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Did you get your gamertag banned completely or just banned from Wordament?

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#4 Posted by foggel (2779 posts) -

@laserbolts: I know. I didn't consider it cheating at that moment. But in reflection...

@bibamatt: Just wordament.

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you should have played in a different language like Polish at like 3am, there are like 12 people playing last time I did that.

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@laserbolts: I should probably mention that I didn't get the achievements. I gave up after a couple of rounds, seeing as the other cheaters were doing it way better than me.

@Generiko: Yeah. Well, too late now. But I'm glad I got banned before getting any achievements any way. My list is still clean, even if my conscience isn't.

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I think it's BS that there are achievements like that. A week after release, the only people who will be earning them are cheaters.

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