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I just bought new iPhone yesterday and downloaded this game. I have been playing random games so far and it seems there are a lot of cheaters out there, so if anyone wants to play a honest game with me, count me in. I do not use facebook so I guess just PM me here on GB and we can set it up.

Note: I am not a native EN speaker and I am from Europe, so if someone from America or other continents wants to play, I might take long to respond - but hey, everyone is welcomed! Just don't cheat.

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How does one cheat at Scrabble?

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@artemesia: There are dedicated apps where you can load your specific table and letters and it will tell you all the possible combinations right down to the best values - it is all connected to some specific dictionary, which is used for these games, so they know what is valid. The game is "turn based" so there is planty of time to look up your next move.

I have no clue why would anyone play this way, but you can sometimes tell, when someone uses only super-obscure worlds. That is my impression anyway.

Also just a quick google search spits up things like THIS.

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That's super duper crummy. I don't even know why you would want to cheat at Scrabble. Doesn't most of the fun come from applying your brain?

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@artemesia: Unfortunatelly this logic does not work - only in theory. I guess some people enjoy screving over others more than actually playing the game (as cheaters do in all games, RTS, shooters etc). Sucks.

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