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    Worf is a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation (and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and features in various TNG and DS9 games.

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    Worf, Son of Mogh, is a character in the Star Trek franchise, specifically Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, who was born in the year 2340 on Qo'noS. His family moved to the Khitomer Colony in 2345 which later was the site of a massacre by the Romulans killing nearly all of the colonists including his Parents.

    He was found and raised by a human couple called Sergey Rozhenko and Helena Rozhenka who already had a son named Nikolai.

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    Worf later became the first Klingon to graduate from Starfleet before being assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as a Command Division Bridge Officer. In 2365 officially became the Security Chief and Chief Tactical Officer aboard the Enterprise-D.

    Worf transferred to Deep Space 9 in 2372 to take up a position as Strategic Operations Officer. He intermittently rejoined the USS Enterprise (specifically USS Enterprise-E) before returning to DS9.


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