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World Champ is a boxing game developed by Visco, known as Great Boxing: Rush Up in Japan. The game features three modes of play and four weight classes. World Champ also features a ranking system which allows players to upgrade a boxer’s stats. During The Ranking Game mode players will receive stat increases which can be saved using a password system.

Game Modes

The Ranking Game - Single player mode is broken into to sub-modes, Training and Ranking. Training allows the player to spar against an opponent too improve speed, stamina, defense or punch. Ranking matches the player with the five top fighters in that weight class. Defeat the champion of that class in order to move to the next class.

The VS Game - This game mode allows two players to square off in a boxing match. Powered up boxers can be used in these fights by entering the correct name and password.

The Tournament Game – A game mode for three to eight players, players will be placed into a bracket and will compete against one another until a player wins the tournament. Powered up boxers can be used in these fights by entering the correct name and password.

Weight Classes & Fighters


  • · Kid Lopez
  • · Tiny Tim
  • · Dancing TY
  • · Rebel Ron
  • · Mighty Lee


  • · Silk Sam
  • · Sugar Mike
  • · Sweet Lou
  • · KO Kashier
  • · Pinhead


  • · Money Man
  • · Rock Hands
  • · Razor Ross
  • · JP Cobra
  • · Action Jim


  • · Hard Head
  • · Mean TJ
  • · Joe Gomez
  • · Fat Tony
  • · Jumbo Joe

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