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    World Class Baseball

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Jun 24, 1988

    A baseball simulator for the Turbografx-16, developed by Hudson. Originally released in Japan as Power League.

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    World Class Baseball is a baseball sim for the TG-16 and Sharp X68000, developed by Hudson. It was originally released in Japan as Power League, which would eventually see several sequels though none outside of Japan.

    The player can select to compete against the computer in a single match (Open Mode) or a series of matches with every team (Pennant Mode) or simply watch two computer players compete with each other (Watch Mode). The player can also select Edit Mode to make changes to their roster.

    The fictional teams include:

    • Tokyo Ninjas
    • New York Apples
    • LA Stars
    • Toronto Towers
    • Chicago Winds
    • London Lords
    • Paris Fries
    • Rome Togas
    • Moscow Bears
    • Peking Ducks
    • Bangkok Buddhas
    • Sydney Sharks
    • Turbo Tigers - The Turbo Tigers are an "all-stars" type team which act as the final boss in Pennant Mode and cannot be selected as the player team. They are the strongest team in the game.

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