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    World Driver Championship

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jun 15, 1999

    From the team behind Top Gear Rally comes another Nintendo 64 racing game focused on the simulation aspect, this time with a variety of fictional GT cars.

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    World Driver Championship is a touring car racing game developed by Boss Game and published by Midway for the Nintendo 64 in North America on June 15, 1999, with a European release in November 1999.

    A spiritual successor to the studio's earlier game Top Gear Rally, World Driver Championship features extensive vehicle simulation, use of high-quality graphical effects (including high resolution) without the requirement of an Expansion Pak, and an in-depth Career Mode. It also includes two-player split-screen multiplayer and Rumble Pak support.

    Along with nine total fictional locales, the game includes 15 fictional cars split into two groups: "GT 2" (modified road cars and sports cars) and "GT 1" (prototypes and supercars) groups. By raising their driver rank in Career Mode, players can unlock new and updated vehicles.

    The studio later released a less-realistic take on car racing, known as Stunt Racer 64.


    Career Mode

    As you progress through the careeer mode, you need to win races and championships to advance. You can go back and do them over to get a better result. You start in the GT2 class, which consists mostly of highly modified road cars. As you increase your driver rank, you'll gain access to new cars and championships. When you complete the GT2 calendar, you'll graduate to GT1, driving full-on racing prototypes. Each time you win a Gold Cup, you earn 1 "restart" that you can use in future championship races if things are going badly.

    Cars & Teams

    The game includes 15 total cars, each split into two categories: GT 2 (which consist of modified road cars) and GT 1 (which consist of high-end prototypes). Most teams have updated models of their car that can be accessed at later ranks.

    GT 2 Group

    • Stallion SR (Speedcraft, Hollywood, U.S.A.)
    • Rage 512 EVO (Kohr Racing, Mexico City, Mexico)
    • Elan Swift TT (Viewpoint, Imola, Italy)
    • Reeds R12 Manta (Reeds, Adelaide, Australia)
    • RAM Ventom GTR (Eurospec, Magny Cours, France)
    • Furio LS (Totalsport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    • EXR Challenger (Elite, Blackpool, England)

    GT 1 Group

    • Hayai N70 (Team Nebo, Tokyo, Japan)
    • Lance Scorcher GT (Victorysmith, Dublin, Ireland)
    • Elan Scorpion (Sage Autosport, Monza, Italy)
    • McCloud F-Type (Lassiter, Liverpool, England)
    • Panzer Batraye GT (SSO Competition, London, Canada)
    • Rage 996 GTR (Boss Racing, Seattle, U.S.A.)
    • M-K Phantom R (Meiden-Krauss, Hockenheim, Germany)
    • EXR Mystic (Excalibur LTD, Unknown)


    • Auckland
    • Black Forest
    • Hawaii
    • Kyoto
    • Las Vegas
    • Les Gets
    • Lisbon
    • Rome
    • Sydney
    • Zurich

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