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    World Flipper

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 27, 2019

    A Japanese pinball RPG released on iOS devices.

    Another Gacha Bites The Dust - Cygames Announces World Flipper Japan Shutdown In 2024; Worldwide Shutdown Eventual

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    #1 ZombiePie  Staff

    Earlier this week Cygames, Inc. announced that World Flipper, a 2019 gacha mobile game, would end the game's servers in Japan on February 20, 2024. The English language division of the developer later confirmed that the shuttering of the game would extend for all versions of the game worldwide at or near that date, though it would not provide a hard date. World Flipper was a pinball RPG gacha hybrid game that not only had a high concept gameplay hook, but it was also on of the less exploitative gacha games in the mobile market. The game was unique in the gacha arena in that your old pulls weren't just useless after the next big event or service update and it went out of its way to guarantee that. It also gave you tons of free pulls through the completion of standard story missions and daily quests.

    The first signs that Cygames was considering a possible shutdown occurred during spring of 2023 when the developer announced that it would be slowing down updates and that the game's twelfth chapter would be its last main story mission. The other unfortunate side of this news is that the World Flipper team was largely the Dragalia Lost team, which was another gacha game that was lighter on the exploitative gacha hooks. Cygames simply cannot catch a break.

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